Zodiac Love Compatibility Between Aquarius Man & Scorpio Woman

Zodiac Love Compatibility Between Aquarius Man & Scorpio Woman

Aquarius and Scorpio are two signs that are not likely to fall in love at first sight.

With dissimilar natures, they may make a good match only if they sacrifice their own desires and change their personalities. Which is almost impossible.

The Aquarius man is someone who wants to improve things, including relationships. This couple needs to set clear boundaries. If they have a shared goal, there will be something to celebrate together.

Their relationship can be quite stormy sometimes but also exciting. Both have strength of character. Scorpio has an intense nature and is very passionate.

Aquarius is frank and easy-going but not very emotional. If they are honest with each other, they can have a good relationship.

The Aquarius man is a dreamer. He is very independent is not one to commit himself easily. He can also be moody at times, but he is generally calm, affectionate, generous, and funny. 

A Scorpio woman is very alluring. She is seductive and intriguing. In love, she is capable of passion and constancy.

But she is very possessive and suspicious when it comes to her man. Though she is very affectionate and is a great lover, her jealousy and paranoia can sabotage her relationships.

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What attracts the Scorpio woman to the Aquarius man?

She may think he is submissive at first and be attracted, but soon, she will realize that he is anything but. 

Can this pairing work?

It can, if they communicate properly. They may agree only to disagree, but they will part amicably.

Why do Scorpios dislike Aquarius?

The main reason is Aquarius’ independence. They may also mistake Aquarius for being a wimp initially.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

While Aquarius is an Air sign, Scorpio is a Water sign. These two Aquarius and Scorpio signs will need lots of time to figure out each other. They are both sure about what they want in a partner, and may not settle for someone who does not fit the bill.

Aquarius likes to flirt and wants to be independent. Scorpio may find this difficult to accept. Scorpio’s jealous streak and possessiveness will make Aquarius feel suffocated.

They can’t seem to help judging each other. The sex can be great, but it may be more of a fling.

Shared Values

They both like change and excitement. However, when it comes to other things, their values are very different.

While Aquarius values independence, free spirit, and communication, Scorpio values emotional connection, sexual intimacy, and commitment.

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Emotional Connection

The Aquarius man is stubbornly independent and does not want to change, especially for a woman. This will make Scorpio think he is stuck in her ways. If he is ice, she is fire, so emotionally, they have few things in common.


Both the signs are known to be manipulative. When they fail to manipulate the other, they will discard the relationship and go their separate ways. They don’t trust easily.


Both zodiac signs are good communicators and very intelligent. They know how to present their ideas effectively.

But though they communicate well, what one says may be the opposite of what the other says. There will be too many arguments, and they will decide to call it a day and go their separate ways.

Overall Love Compatibility

Chances of an Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman living together in harmony are remote unless their natal charts indicate otherwise.

If both have Cancer in their natal chart or an earth sign, the relationship might work out. But otherwise, their relationship cannot thrive. 

Problems will arise when the Scorpio woman tries to curb her Aquarius man’s freedom, something he will never accept.

Aquarius will not tolerate someone who tries to quench his desire to be free. If he feels obligated to do something, he will begin to pull away. This may hurt her feelings. She will become angry and jealous and shut him out completely.

The Scorpio woman will keep her feelings hidden deep within her and adopts an uncaring attitude. This derails the relationship. Without good communication, they will find it hard to resolve the problems that arise between them. 

In a way, they are both outcasts and rebels. Scorpio represents all the emotions we refuse to deal with, Aquarius represents ideas we are not ready for. These two herald change, and that is what they offer each other.


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