World’s First Trigonometry Based Board game

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About the Game Trigonik

Trigonik is the World’s first Trigonometry based strategy board game for two players in which each player race their respective 30 tokens from start to finish ( Anti-clockwise in center of the Board ) according to the rolls of two dices.

Created in year - 2019   
Innovations Private Limited
Product type - Tabletop Game
Theme - Board Game ( Educational ) | Race game | Dice game
Players - 2 Player
Playing time - ( 1 - 2 hours ) *
Random Chance - Medium ( Dice rolling )
Skills required - Strategy, tactics, Counting and Probability
About the Game Trigonik

Trigonik Boardgame Component

Boardgame Component

  • Trigo Board

The Board is designed by using multiple Unit circle which creates the circular on each circular track, there are 96 circles on which the player’s token move anticlockwise according to the dice values. All the circles are have their respective values equal to the angles ( 0, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150, 180, 210, 225, 240, 270,300, 315, 330 and 360 ). The two-track innermost and the outermost are the safe track which means no players can remove another’s person coin from itself, the rest four in between are the zone where players can remove the opponent player, there are some safe points ( Mark in Yellow color) also created in every ring.

  • Trigo Yard ( 2 )

Each player will get its own Trigo Yard, it is the same table that one will have to learn to proceed with Trigonometry subject

  • Trigo Coins ( Total – 60, 30 for each player )

The game is design for two players. In the beginning, a player has to place all the 30 tokens in the Trigo yard ( Yard is the Trigonometry table consist of 30 boxes ). Each token has the value printed according to the values on the yard, which players have to place in Trigo yard

  • Trigo Dices ( 2 )

The most amazing part of this game is its dices which are customized, there are two dices

  • Guide Manual ( English/Hindi or Local/ Country wise language )

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How to play Trigonik – It’s Easy

 How to play Trigonik - It’s Easy
  1. Select the Trigo Yard as per your respective choices ( Blue or Yellow).
  2. Arrange the Trigo coins (30) in your respective Trigo Yard according to the value written on the Coins.
  3. Decide with your mutual understanding about who goes first start, you are free to choose your own method. However, you can use dices as well to decide, or if you prefer you can have the youngest player to go first.
  4. Activating the Coins – Use the two Dices ( Function Dice & Angle dice) to bring out the coin on the Trigo Board ( Minimum 1 and Maximum 6, depends on individual choices), For Example, if you throw two dices and the outcome is SIN 60º, You have to pick the coin from SIN 60º and put the on the angle of the outermost ring at 60º.
  5. Once your coins are on the board, you have to use only a single Dice ( Angle one ) to moves the Coins in Anticlockwise directions. The angle you get on the Dices will add with the previous value. ( For Example, if your coin is on 30º and you get 60º, you can take the coin on 90º ).
  6. If you are getting 180 on dice, you are lucky and will get a second chance to throw your Dice, and if you get 180 again the second time, you will get the third chance to throw the dice. But if 180 came the third time, you will not be able to move any coins. (This is inspired by the ludo game when you throw the Dices and you get the ‘6’ as a value).
  7. If you get 0/360º on your Dice, you can directly be jumping to the next ring, we called it – “Ring Escape Move”.
  8. There are thee color dots – Red, Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow are the safe zones, where one player cannot capture the other player coin, on the red section, the player can capture the coin and another player has to remove the coin and put it back in the yard.
  9. While moving anti-clockwise you have to switch the ring after 330º. You cannot take any of the coins back to the previous point.
  10. You can check out on our website – for more information.

( Note – If you get SIN 180º, you are lucky you can pick any of the value from SIN and put on 180º and same goes with other functions as well).


  1. Trigonometry Based Games is designed to Inculcate the negotiation skills among the players, the players can decide, how many coins they need to get inside the rocket to win the game as per their timings, However, recommended is a minimum of 6.
  2. All the coins need to reach the innermost ring, it’s considered as home, once the coins reached there, you need to bring 0/360º to get reach the Rocket sign.

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Advantage of a Board game | Value to Customer

Advantage of a Board game | Value to Customer
  1. Better memory and Increase cognitive functions
  2. Low risk of mental disease
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Lower stress
  5. Speed your response
  6. Help build the Immune system
  7. Child Development
  8. Therapy treatment
  9. Remove the Mobile addiction


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