Window Roller Shutters and its Types

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A window roller shutter is also known as a roller door and is specifically designed to shut a window. It is made up of slates or plate like flat bars which are hinged together to help in shutting or opening a window.

The main purpose of these window shutters is protection. It aims at protecting against the natural elements such as heavy rain, winds as well as from theft or burglary.


The main decision after deciding to install a window shutter is to decide it’s type:

  1. Push and pull: These shutters are simply closed and opened by pulling or pushing. They are easy to operate. They are inexpensive and have high durability. They are generally used for small places. They are made up of steel and spring which helps in smooth functioning of the shutter. It protects from thefts and robbery like any other window roller shutters Melbourne and is not costly. They are easy to maintain too and do not involve high maintenance cost.
  2. Grid rolling: They are made up of thick aluminum alloy. They are generally used for windows in balconies, verandas, or small shops where ventilation along with visibility is the aim. They are made with the help of rods. They do not cost much and have high strength. They are sometimes made transparent for good visibility and their maintenance is very easy.
  3. Industrial Grill Rolling: As the name suggests, they are widely used for industrial or commercial purpose. They are made up of aluminum, steel and are polycarbonate shutters. They are not very costly, aim at protection, and are safe to use. They are light to carry and therefore they are durable. They are best if ventilation is the concern.
  4. Perforated rolling– Also known as double wall rolling or aluminum rolling shutter. The best feature about them is that they are sound proof. Therefore, they are best suited for windows in garages or generator rooms. They are made up of thick aluminum. Sometimes, they are made water proof as well as rust proof therefore they have a long life. They are also inexpensive. They are in demand for their distinct sound proof feature. They are light weighted too and, therefore, are easy to maintain.

Many times these shutters are made electronic and are controlled by remotes or buttons. People do not really have to pull or push these rollers then.

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Here are some tips to choose the most suitable window shutter for you:

  • Window roller shutters Melbourne are designed for protection. Therefore, whenever you look for one of these you must always look for an aluminum one. Aluminum shutters are very durable and they can help in protection as they are strong. Quality of the aluminum used matters too. If cheap quality is used, it will rust easily with the weather and may not serve the purpose.
  • The shutters must fit the window size. Before ordering, you must measure the size of the required window properly or you may ask a professional to measure it so that the measurement is accurate. If the shutter does not fit the size of the window it may either be small not serving the purpose or it may be big which will not be fruitful to install.
  • One should choose a shutter which can be managed conveniently. If it is automated or controlled by remote it is convenient to handle and also it should be seen that the maintenance required is minimum.
  • Along with looking for the above mentioned features, the shutter must also look elegant and fashionable. It should intensify the exterior of the house.

Therefore, to sum up if anyone is looking for installing these Window roller shutters Melbourne, he or she should keep the above mentioned points in mind and choose one that is the most suitable for him or her.


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