Where can i Buy Disinfectant Tunnel In Mumbai

Disinfectant Tunnel In Mumbai

COVID-19 began to spread late last year and the pandemic has been ongoing for several months now. We have all heard of the phrase ‘necessity is the mother of inventions’ – and one of the biggest necessities right now is to be able to maintain effective sanitization.

Once this pandemic blows over, it’s a sight that might greet you when you return to work, or as you enter a mall, market, railway station, Airport College and schools or any other place where a large number of people gather. They are called Disinfection or Sanitizing Tunnels.

We are returning to normal lives,but we need to take all the precautionary measures. For this purpose, SANI-WAY has collectively developed a techno advanced disinfectant tunnel. SANI-WAY is the trademark product of kaizen innove interior solutions in product engineering. Our offerings include Sanitization or Disinfectant Tunnel, Sanitization or Disinfection services, Foot press dispenser, Disinfectant sprayer backpack, Antiviral liquids. We use A+ grade certified chemicals and machinery to ensure your safety.

We are ready to provide you our best in class product like Sanitization or Disinfectant tunnel in Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai Thane and Pune region.

SANIWAY disinfectant tunnel or a sanitizing tunnel is a walk through system which discharges very fine droplets sanitizer liquids by a high pressure nozzle connected to a pump. The principle is to spread these minute droplets over the body of a person or object and hence sanitizes them.

A disinfectant liquid works by increasing the surface tension when mixed with water and spread over any surface, thereby rupturing the ball shaped lipid protective shell of corona virus which makes it ineffective in entering and harming our body.

WHO recommends that these tunnels are meant to supplement and not to replace other measures like washing hand regularly, maintaining proper hygiene, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing? Yes sometimes back government has issued an advisory to regulate the use of the tunnel because have been using disinfectants like Sodium Hypochlorite which is pesticide grade material and has side effects like skin and eyes irritation etc.

 During this lockdown period the business of disinfectant tunnels is in boom. There is no problem with usage of these tunnels. Problem is with the chemicals which are being used for disinfection. Since most of the tunnels in India are using sodium hypochlorite solutions people have raised concerns about it that this chemical may be harmful for the human body. More importantly slight variations in sodium hypochlorite can lead to mild to extreme serious side effects ranging from eye irritation to severe burns, causing damage to air tracts, stomach, Intestine, skin.

Normal application of sodium chloride is for use in swimming pools, toilet cleaners and Mosquito Repellants.

Since the start of the Covid -19 pandemic many versions of the  disinfection tunnel have been deployed across cities in India. These units spray people passing through them with a mist of sodium hypochlorite solution, a chlorine compound often used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent.

WHO said spraying chlorine on the body will kill viruses that have already entered the body. Spraying such substances on people can be harmful to skin, eyes and mouth.

SANIWAY scientifically designed disinfectant tunnel in Mumbai gives an optimum exposure to the body and material and also the amount of liquid used is such that to avoid any side effects of the same. For the use depending on traffic from small to large you can select from the range of sanitizing tunnels to help you fight against Covid -19 virus.

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Sanitizing and Disinfecting are very critical components to any facility’s operational procedures. Knowing the differences between Sanitizing and Disinfectant can also help to ensure that both tasks are done properly. Sanitizing and disinfection, in particular, are crucial steps in preventing the spread of virus. They prevent illnesses throughout the population.

Sanitizing helps in reducing the number of bacteria on a surface to a safe level. Disinfecting helps in the complete removal or inactivation of bacteria , fungi and viruses on a surface.

Disinfecting Tunnel becomes very essential for the companies as it is very easy and effective to use. When you pass through the tunnel, nozzles spray a disinfectant mist on you which kills most germs and viruses. We can establish these tunnels anywhere like police stations, offices, shopping malls and complexes. Our products use only 0.05% of Sodium Hypochlorite, so it works like an antiseptic disinfectant.

We cover any area, colony, complex situated in Mumbai. Nowadays seeking medical help doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. And that’s why staying on top of health matters a lot, especially for budget-conscious homeowners. As they say, prevention is better than cure, disinfecting your home, offices and companies are preventive measures that are so effective for lowering the risk of COVID-19.

There are various reasons to buy Sanitizer or Disinfectant tunnels because this product is the need of the hour for disinfecting clothes, work material, carrying bags and necessary. After walking through the tunnel all the viruses get killed. By doing so, we can ensure that the virus is not entering the secured premise.

In the office too employees will feel more productive at work when you make their workplace disinfected and less cluttered before re-opening the office again. While regular office cleaning services may save some money, they won’t help in the long run. If your office furniture and upholstery are cleaned on a regular basis, they will be easily subjected to wear and tear. We use A+ grade certified chemicals and machinery to ensure your safety.

SANI-WAY uses the same concentration level of sodium hypochlorite which is recommended by WHO (0.02 to0.05%) so it works like an antiseptic disinfectant and also it kills most of the germs and viruses. We cover any area, colony, complex, offices, factory, housing society, hospitals, schools and colleges etc. in Mumbai and Pune region.

We use A+ grade certified chemicals and machinery to ensure your safety. These tunnels will be in used during the lockdown and after the lockdown for at least next one year. Hence it is definitely not wise to operate public places without any kind of sanitation or disinfection process in place therefore proper care should be taken by using the safe chemicals or liquids which are recommended by WHO.

Hence we can say that buying these kinds of safety measures to avoid spread of COVID-19 is very essential and effective.

Disinfecting Tunnel, Sanitization Services, Foot Dispenser are just means to overcome the pandemic and still be able to do work. We are the best in this business. We provide any of these services in Mumbai, Pune region so if you are interested, we are the best you can get. If you want safety then SANI-WAY is the key.


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