What Your Shoes Say about Your Personality?

What Your Shoes Say about Your Personality (1)

Has it ever struck you that whether it is possible to know somebody without even speaking a single word to them? 

Be it a man or a woman, you can tell a lot about them simply by shoegazing! Shoes not just speak about the personality of the wearer but also about his or her mood for that day. 

Research reveals that almost 92% of people’s personality can be reflected through their shoes. 

All of us know that shoes play a great role in case of first impressions but that they reveal so much was never known before. 

So next time you choose your shoes you must keep these in mind. Get ready and take a look. 

  • Oxford/Dress Shoes – These are the primary choice in case of business or casual formal settings. If you work somewhere with professional dress code, you wear these shoes daily. You love to appear confident, intelligent, handsome and mature. You are passionate and goal-oriented as you want to accomplish your mission. You are everyone’s go-to-person because of your reliability. You are strategic about decision making and are focussed on your goals. You have good social skills, too. 
  • Heels & Stilettos – Those wearing heels have a confident personality. Heels make you stand out and you love that. Heels offer an extra dose of elegance and give you a sense of poise. According to fashion experts, these portray confidence and women with great taste prefer them. Ladies wearing flashy heels can be high-maintenance and materialistic. But they are also self-driven and are hardworking girl bosses. 
  • Slip Ons – Slip-ons are preferred by those who want to remain comfy and casual and at the same time have a sense of style. You like them because they are cute accessories to all of your sweet outfits and you can easily slip them on and off. You think yourself to be cool, trendy and pragmatic. You go well with both introverts and extroverts as your personality can be both outgoing and reserved. You don’t feel the need to stand out but you are also not boring. So you have a chilled out attitude and are someone who doesn’t like to conform to corporate settings but rather likes to follow his/her own passion as an entrepreneur or a creative genius. 
  • Boots – If boots are your preferred shoes than you have a relaxed and laid-back attitude who don’t like to worry too much. Your motto is to go with the flow and see where you land up. Your boots also make you feel confident and good and thus people cannot ignore or walk over you. You chase your ambition without stopping like the determined daredevil. You are strong-minded and tough and stand up for your opinion. You are reserved and prefer self-reliance than depending on others. 

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  • Sneakers – If a cool pair of Adidas or Nike is what entices you then you love making a statement. It shows that you are updated with new collabs and current trends and are willing to spend for your preferred pair of shoes. This is especially the case if your choice is the high-end sneakers. You want to remain at par with the celebs of music industry and that of sports. You are versatile, energetic and try to beat the age factor – never too old or too young. You stand out as you don’t want to be like everyone else. You are motivated and are up for achieving your big dreams. 
  • Flats – If you are someone for whom “flats” are the shoes of choice, then it means that you are perfectionist and can work your butt off for the up-to-the-mark end result. At the same time, you are quite down-to-earth and do not require any kind of attention or recognition for that. The flat-wearers are generous, modest and focussed. They make everything happen silently and are the real engine-runners. 

Nowadays most businesses are offering consumers the liberty to design their shoes by integrating the innovative Shoe designer tool with their website. So now you can also design your favourite pair easily and put the right foot forward whenever you step out. What more can you ask for! Go shoe-shopping now!


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