What Value Does Your Third Party Inspector Provide and Role

What Value Does Your Third Party Inspector Provide

Various companies keep in consideration the fact that there should be excellence in the third-party quality assurance (QA) service while signing a contract.

Many contracts also include provisions to ensure the QA service provider is indemnified, defended and held harmless, despite offering services that can come with very high fees.

A third-party QA agency plays the role of an agent who helps in verifying whether the product is of high-quality. So, anyhow it saves us from unexpected risk.

So basically the aim of the QA agency is to process the investigation of the products properly in order to meet the requirements of the customers and the buyers.

If in any case, the third-party agency finds itself faulty, it takes this blame itself and keeps itself away in order to let them find the solution.

The people may be looking for a kind of QA inspection service in which there is a provision of a paid vacation that is the inspectors will take no responsibility if something goes wrong.

 Why Even Have Third-Party QA Inspections?

When the innovative solutions that are offered to the builders and the framers by the CMs, even they provide all the documents of the buildings so that the code compliance of any product could be verified that is sold by the CM.

the CM might still be accepting all the risk without any help from the company that provided the code compliance “ICC Report” (also known as an ANSI ISO/IEC 17065 product certification body report) or the ISO/IEC 17020 third party inspection.

It usually happens that CMs do not focus on the fact while signing a contract. The fact is that they are paying good money for third-party service during simultaneously giving up legal protections that they think they will have when things go wrong.

There is a little modification in this contract from an actual contract so that the singling from any organization could be avoided. Focus on the highlights:

Limitation or liability and Indemnification

Limitation or liability and Indemnification

If there happens any loss or damage by the third-party inspector for obligations, then the only solution of this should be the charges ten times higher than the actual price of the specific item of services or it could also be fifteen thousand US dollars.

What the customers could do? They just can hold harmless and indemnify third-party QA Inspector against all the claims that are made by the third-party.

The customers should go for the defense of the third-party as well as indemnify it instead of blaming them by claims. But the cost of the litigation and the attorneys’ fees should not be limited.

The customers should go for the defense of the third-party as well as indemnify it instead of blaming them by claims. But the cost of the litigation and the attorney’s fees should not be limited arising from or related to the unauthorized use or misuse of 3rd Party QA Inspector Reports.

Although the claims, suits, and liabilities arise or alleged in the clauses 3 (b), 3(c) and 3(d) against third-party QA Inspector, but should pay attention towards the indemnities in favor of third-party.

If there happens any loss by the third-party QA Inspector, in that case, he may deny taking the blame over him, so if you as a customer looking for the guarantee, then you should keep in mind the insurance of the damage.

If such insurance works, then the customer may be able to obtain a waiver of subrogation against 3rd Party QA Inspector.

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Agreement to Increase Liability

third -party QA Inspector can be requested by the customers in order to increase the limit of third-party QA Inspector’s liability keeping in mind the increase in the cost of the service.

Final words

Agreement to Increase Liability

So, the company can compensate with its loss accordingly by signing a contract with having such kinds of provisions and this will help the company to avoid risks.

There are many of these contracts signed, where it appears that the CM is paying for the third party’s travel expenses, comfortable lodging, and meals at nice restaurants.

You know what is the major advantage of the trust industry is that they are having professional engineers who properly take care of while signing and sealing and also have professional liability insurance.

In this way a good deal could be made without having a lot of confusions.


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