How to Turn on the Curious Conversation

Ways to turn on Curious Conversation

How to start conversations with strangers? or How to start small talks or questions? Sometimes uncomfortable situations happen with us that we want to start a discussion/conversation with colleagues,friends or strangers. But, we don’t know how to begin it or what type of talks we should use to begin a curious conversation. 

But before that you should also know about yourself.How much do you know about yourself? Here you can try the activities below with others or yourself. Start getting to know yourself.  

Always try to communicate by yourself.

In the last couple of days, I have started listening to a podcast. From that podcast, I have noted some good points that I want to share with you all. Podcast is all about starting small talks with yourself, start questioning yourself, take time for yourself.

We are living in a total of five responses. These five responses are good, bad, fine, ok, and hmm right? We are using these answers very often in our day to day life. For e.g. if Someone asked a question, how are you? And our Answer is fine.

In Daily life, we use these words very frequently to complete our talks. So, we don’t want to let people understand the flow of our life. For our emotional exploration, We ask and answer the same questions to other people or friends. We set our mind in the box of regular questions and answers. So ultimately, we live in limited questions and answers to finish our conversations/ignore talks.

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Disconnect your phone's charger and become a charger of your soul

Whenever we are travelling or eating alone in the canteen or any such place, we feel lonely, And what we do is sit down with the phone. It is better to keep your phone on the side and talk to someone, know about them, try to know the people around you, try to speak with them. You, will, get to know something interesting.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself or friends. 


[ 1 ] What was the last lie that you told would you do it again?

It makes it more vulnerable and open. In today’s life, I think we speak lies every day. How do you feel today? In short, we quickly reply that I’m fine. Are we?

[ 2 ] If your youngest soul or 18 yrs old soul met you today, what would make them happy or sad about you?

It’s a great question. Answer your soul that makes you feel guilty and proud. Answer would be like some proud moment or achievement that you had, From that you feel immerse.

[ 3 ] What situation makes you feel awkward, and why?

When someone wants to share some specific talks but didn’t succeed to share that situation, and you know what they are going to share. By this question the opposite person get to know about some funny facts. 

[ 4 ] What have you bought recently? And that now you regret.

Many of the gifts/clothes/things that we buy from the sale then we realize why I bought this from sale, their actual price is less than sale.It makes fun of yourself.

[ 5 ] What one thing that  makes a person most attractive (It can be physical, mental, spiritual, or material ) Or How beautiful are you on that scale?

By this question, we can judge our value on their perspective, what they truly value your friendship.

[ 6 ] Complete sentence

Justify yourself in one word/ friends described you as ____

And what is that one thing you supposed all of your friends would say like Soft heart guy/girl.

[ 7 ] What would you talk about the most one hour therapy sessions

Select the topic that you can speak at least one hour just like Revisit childhood or reevaluate childhood. 

[8] If life gives you the Ctrl+z option, what do you do?

This question helps you to understand which situation/thing makes his/her regretful.

Answer all these questions to yourself and then start questioning others. The more you share, the more you learn. Allow yourself to open up.

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Be non-judgmental to yourself. Start the conversation by asking these interesting questions rather than old annoying questions. Make your talks more curious with others. Open new ideas by asking such types of questions to set new relationships with others/yourself. 

Become an engaged listener. It isn’t necessary that you will find interesting answers from others, some people opened to you , some might not , but all you can get is new experience.All of these questions allowed you to understand meaningful conversation.

Want to add more interesting questions like these? Please comment below.

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