What is The Importance of Procurement Service Desk?

procurement service desk

If you want to procure good and services then it is vital to understand the demand and means of capturing these products. It is the process of smart procurement.

The end users have to be smart and intelligent enough to choose what they want. They require an efficient way to procure their business requirements.

These objectives can be accomplished with the help of a well-structured procurement service desk. Companies should incorporate process, people and technology into it.

Here are some of the components of the procurement service desk:


  • Problem-solving:

The procurement service desk consultants should be efficient in solving problems. They must have the ability to ascertain the end users’ needs correctly and able to resolve those needs proficiently.

  • Communication skills:

This desk is your first point that will come into contact with the end user. There will be many end users who have negative perceptions about procurement desk as they assume that it will be of questionable value to work with them.

They think to avoid it whenever possible. If you have a service desk for them then it will diffuse their misconceptions. Therefore, you need personnel for this desk who have good customer orientation and impressive communication skills.

The staff should be knowledgeable, easy to understand and efficient. They should have good expressions which can be convincing enough to make customers understand the benefits of procurement such as cost-effectiveness, assured quality, easy to use and timely delivery.


  • Intake:

The intake process of service desk should have several channels like web based eForms, voice and e-mails.

They all will integrate to find the principle information with ease. At this level, documentation of each request should be done.

Workflow tool can be used to capture and track the relevant information through confirmation and completion.

  • Triage:

 The procurement process should have a triage capability also. It will help to route the customer requests to appropriate workflow to fulfill their needs.

This need arises because the procurement requests range from basic orders to complex quoting, analysis, negotiation and requirements definition.

  • Confirmation:

You can never underestimate the importance of an efficient confirmation process. If customers are timely informed about the initial status and at every step of their requests, it will make them feel that they are getting a high level of service. It will make them feel that the procurement organization is responsible.

  • Resolution:

This step is related to finding a solution to the problems related to the service. All the issues related to procurement service are resolved at this step. The process should include categorization, tracking, and documentation of every request.  

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  • eForms:

It is not easy to convey information but in the digitalized world, we can make it simple. eForms can be developed with simplicity so that users can input their requirements without any confusion.

  • Web Portal:

A web portal is crucial to guide customers about every step they have to take. It should provide complete information about where to find products to purchase, their descriptions, information about procurement service as well as the achievements of the company.

This is a platform which will speak everything about your background and offerings. It creates a foundation of trust and interests among potential customers.

  • Workflow tools:

This tool is used to track the time of the process. It ensures that after the completion of each request the relevant information is retained.

These tools are effective in increasing the responsiveness of the process of procurement and in ensuring maximum user satisfaction.


The major step towards effective procurement is the development of well-designed procurement service desk. Although the service desk is only a part of the procurement company, it is a great way to increase the procurement capability of your organization.

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