Visitor Visa 600 – Required Document Checklist

Visitor Visa 600 - Required Document Checklist

Introduction to Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The picturesque beauty of Australia attracts majority of the individuals to the region. One could visit the nation for different purposes like that of sightseeing, vacation, visiting the relatives & friends and a lot more others. If there rests any of the reason like this, one must have the application of visitor visa subclass 600. Australia being the smallest continent also intend to be the most popular travel destination in the world.

Thus, one must be well aware of the fee structure, visa requirements and the checklist for having the application for visitor visa 600. By having the visa, one can also fulfill the business visiting purposes. The time duration of the stay rest to be around 3, 6 or 12 months. At the present time, the base charge for having the application of visitor visa subclass 600 for both onshore as well as the offshore rests to be AUD $135.

Essentials for Visitor Visa Subclass 600

One would be availed with the visa grant in case you are traveling to the region for the below mentioned reasons;

  • Your main motive rests to be visiting.
  • Involving the activities in the business.
  • Visiting the nation with family for recreation purpose.
  • Having a tour with the registered travel agents from People’s Republic of China.

There rests 4 types of streams in the visa application, one must have the consideration of all these and have the application for the visa accordingly. The varied streams are like the following;

  • Tourist Stream : This stream allows you to visit to the nation as a tourist. Here, your motive to visit the nation would be like going on a cruise or meeting the family or the relatives staying in Australia. By this visa stream, you can stay for the time period of 12 months in Australia. The Tourist Visa 600 costs to around AUD$145.
  • Business Stream:By having the application with this visa stream, your main motive to visit to the nation rests the business purposes. By this visa, you can stay in the region for the time period of 3 months. The visa charge the applicant an amount of AUD $145.
  • Family Sponsored Stream:This visa stream allows the individuals to move to the nation who are being sponsored by the family member to come to Australia. By having the visa stream , you can stay for the time period of 12 months in the region. The visa costs to around AUD$145. Along with this, your sponsor could be also asked to pay for the security bond charge to the authorities.
  • Approved Destination Status Stream: This visa stream is specially meant for the individuals who are from the certain areas of China and visiting the Aussie land on a tour . The tour tends to be organized by the approved or registered travel agent. By having the visa application through this stream , one could stay in Australia for the period or until the date you are specified with the grant letter by the immigration authorities. This visa stream costs to an amount of AUD$145.

One should have the application of the visa ahead of 2 weeks when you are planning to travel to Australia.

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Document Checklist;

The requirements for the visitor visa 600 application varies from nation to nation. If in case you are overseas at the present time then you can seek help from the Visa Consultant Perth in respect to the visa application. They would avail you with all of the relevant information in respect to the lodging of your visa application in Australia.

You need to provide the back to back information about you and your family members. It is all because of the reason that immigration will undertake the decision for the visa approval considering the information you have provided. You are not required to provide the original documents unless asked by the authorities to do so. You should have the fill up of the visitor visa subclass 600 form.

In case you are having the visa application sitting outside of the region, the cost for all of the streams rests to be AUD $135. Ans in case, you are already in Australia and applying for the tourist stream only, your onshore visa extension would be somewhat AUD $340.

  • Provide the authorities with the certified copies of the currently holding travel documents or passports of each and every person who are included in the application of the visitor visa. The same would have the inclusion of the personal details, passport holder’s photo, date of issue and expire of the visa, etc.
  • The name of the visa applicant should be written on the back of the passport sized photograph.
  • In case you or any of the other person included in the visa application have changed their name then they are required to provide a certified evidence for the name change.
  • If in case you or any of the member have served in the armed forces than provide the authorities with the military service record or the discharge papers for the same.
  • You are required to provide the evidence that you possess the required availability of funds. That may be the pay slips, personal bank statements, audited accounts, credit card limit or the taxation records.
  • If you are being invited by the relatives staying in Australia, provide the letter of evidence for the same.

So, have you undergone the overall checklist for the visa Subclass 600 and decided which visa stream you are going to owe for visiting the Australian region. In case, still you have any of the issue in respect to the visa application, do consult the Migration Agents Perth. The professionals have years of experience. You would be sorted with all of your queries and have the threat free visa application.


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