Unexplored beach Ideas to Visit in Goa


Most of the pictures that you spot on Instagram with freshly painted toenails of women,a book and a Pina Colada in view have been clicked on the beaches of Goa.

The city of beaches, Goa is first on the list of everyone; families who want to go on vacation, students who want to take a break from their boring college, couples who want a weekend getaway from the office drudgery and just about everyone who loves beaches.

The food, of course, is also on the list along with celebrating happy hours all day long. Some beaches in Goa are the popular ones where you would find most of the crowd heading to but I have over the years got to know of beaches that are lesser known yet equally stunning.

Beaches in Goa

Betalbatim beach

If you are planning to visit the Colva Beach in South Goa, drop the idea and go to Betalbatim instead which is quite close by.

Betalbatim beach in Goa

Where Colva beach is brimming with beach shacks and shops selling souvenirs, this one is still less frequented by tourists and hence presents you with serene surroundings.

One of the reasons a place becomes extremely crowded by tourists is when pictures of the place flood social media. This one has been spared of the ordeal for now. A small tributary that opens up right at the beach makes this beach quite unique.

Arossim Beach

The silence of the beach broken only by the gushing sound of waves; that is the kind of pristine settings I am talking about.

Arossim Beach in goa

The white sand of this beach is quite inviting and you would get down on all fours to build your sand castles when you are not swimming in the waters that gently slope down to the sea. This beach is cleaner than most of the other beaches in Goa.

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Ashwem Beach

Want to see some crab hunting? Head over to Ashwem Beach which is a part of the twin beaches Ashwem Morjim.

Ashwem Beach in goa

The beach is so vast that it does not seem to end. Add to it the clean sand and you have the perfect spot to spread your mat and get engrossed in reading a romcom.

Agonda Beach

I have added Agonda to the beach though it is now inching slowly from the list of unexplored beaches of Goa to the ones which are becoming a favorite of tourists.

Agonda Beach in goa

The village next to the beach is densely populated but the lack of commercial activityhere has kept it clean and serene. You would not see cans and packets of chips strewn about at this beach for sure.

While you are at the beach you can visit St. Anne Church and if you are lucky and visiting the beach in Goa, you may be able to see some Olive Ridley Turtles.

This beach along with Galgibaga beach, another virgin beach of Goa, are a nesting site for these gorgeous creatures. Rugged cliffs and bat nests on the trees are also an added attraction of this Beach.

Mandrem Beach

Not only is the beach quite a beauty but so is the lake which is next to the beach and has a wooden bridge running across it.  It offers you the perfect spot to click some holiday pictures.

Mandrem Beach in goa

The lake and the beach are surrounded by magnificent palm trees that add to the picturesque settings and lend an aura of serenity to this beach.

I am not a big fan of taking my pictures when on vacation but the beauty of this one made me click a lot of them.

Small Vagator Beach

This beach is to the south of Anjuna beach but is not as crowded as that one. None of the beaches in Goa can be called a virgin beach now but yes these few beaches have still not fallen prey to the overcrowding of tourists.

Small Vagator Beach in goa

It not only makes the beaches dirty but also creates a kind of cacophony at the beach, so much so that you can hardly hear the sound of the waves at times. Do not miss out on the large statue of Lord Shiva that has been carved out of a rock.

Cola Beach

Give me a beach and add a lagoon to it to see me jump with joy. That is what had happened when I had chanced upon this beach in Goa. Cola beach is 10 km from Agona beach and another gem when it comes to beaches.

Cola Beach in goa

Some other beaches that I have added to my list for my next trip to Goa include Kakolem or Tiger Beach and Butterfly Beach which are both near Margao city. Sinquerium beach, Hollant Beach, Siridao Beach are some other names that you must remember when looking at virgin beaches to explore in Goa.

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