Ultimate Guide to Worthy Corporate Gifts for Clients and Employees

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When it comes to collecting thoughtful Corporate Gifts, there are several considerations to ensure you do not end up buying something cheap or insignificant.

Before compiling a list of meaningful items to add to your gift package, herein are some important takeaways on corporate gifts that make your search easier.

  • These gifts are precious for employees to give back something notable to the dedicated working staff as a token of appreciation for their role in the Company’s progress
  • The corporate gifts are also noteworthy giveaways to the business partners, suppliers and other associates of great importance who keep the business operations running successfully year after year

Considering the points above, it is quite clear, how important these gift hampers are for the reputation, relationship, growth and prosperity of your enterprise.

What is the Right Time to Bestow Gifts to Clients and Employees?

Before you send flowers to Ahmedabad to any of your clients in December (on Christmas) or October-November (on Diwali in India), herein are some aspects to take note of:

  • You may stand in the crowd as this is the season when clients get thronged with gifts from several associates. Choose special dates to send these gifts such as the Company’s foundation day or anything similar.
  • What is your budget for the gift hamper? Your presents should not be cheap or too expensive. Giving an extremely costly item may seem to be overdone if it exceeds the proportion of business you have with this client.
  • Do you send generalized gifts to everyone during the festive season? The next time, consider doing something out of the box. Opt to personalize your gifts.

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Items to Include in Your Corporate Gift Hamper

The next time you buy gifts for your employees and business clients, consider the following presents that make an ideal, thoughtful, and elegant gift basket the recipients would find useful.

Diary with Business Planner

This is one essential item of use every professional has to maintain to avoid cluttered notes, to-do checklists, quotes, and so on. Give a thick notebook with business planner pages for the entire year to help your employees, manage their schedules, workstreams and important follow-ups.

Do not forget to write a sweet message appreciating their role in the progress of your organization.

Box Full of Gourmet Goodies

Gourmet food is elegant, expensive having high quality. This box can contain anything from roasted dry fruits, handmade chocolates, cookies, coffee beans, candies, etc. Your client can keep it for over a month and relish the rich taste.



As opposed to other plants, the succulents can thrive well indoors with little watering and care. The potted indoor plants from Bloomsvilla look beautiful bestowing an enhanced appearance to your living room, a large window with glass panes. You can even personalize it by writing some message inscribing the name of the recipient to make your gift more special.

Leatherette Wallets or Bags

Leatherette Wallets or Bags

Pure leather is a bit pricey compared to other materials. However, if you have a partnership with any client who is an eminent part of your business, a precious item like a monogrammed leather laptop bag is a wonderful gift.

For hardworking employees, you can choose small monogrammed wallets, business card holders or luggage tags to make them feel noteworthy.

Bouquet of Assorted Flowers

Bouquet of Assorted Flowers

Fresh flowers are an amusing gift for everyone. You can send flowers to a new business associate as a thanksgiving gesture to build and long-term relationship. Similarly, you can give bouquets to employees to escalate and motivate them to keep up the performance.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

It is not tough to get gift cards online at eCommerce websites. These are redeemable vouchers to get massive discounts on products and services from partner brands. You may even give a prepaid gift card to your employees so that they can go on a shopping spree, dine at their favourite restaurants, and so much more.

Bonus Tip

Bonus Tip

You are sending these gifts to different people with their likes and dislikes. If you know them for quite a while try to find out what can really wow the recipient.

Customize each gift basket with something added for the concerned person to bestow a nice feeling.

And of course, do not forget to personalize your hamper with a unique message, name of the recipient or something similar.

Wrapping Up,

It is not quite tough to choose memorable corporate gifts. Make sure you are not repetitive sending generalized presents to everyone every festive season.


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