Types of People Traffic Counting System-Which to Choose?

People Traffic Counting System

You’ve chosen you need a customer counting system: maybe to screen inhabitants or raise benefits. Be that as it may, which sort of individual tallying framework to pick? There are a few alternatives, the most well-known being:

  • video person counting,
  • thermal sensors,
  • infra-red beams,
  • hand-held tally counters.

Which you pick relies upon your needs, which will probably include:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Verifiability
  3. Flexibility
  4. Directional or non-directional
  5. Reporting
  6. Cost
  7. Technical Support
  8. Risk-Free Trial


The best performing frameworks accomplish over 98% precision. Ensure however that the exactness cited on the producers’ sites isn’t only that for flawless conditions. Will the framework meet your precision needs in your particular condition?

The most precise frameworks are the video people counting system. Here programming investigations CCTV pictures and recognizes individuals crossing an including zone. These frameworks can surpass 98% exactness.

Next are the warm sensors. Situated over a passageway, they recognize individuals by measuring their body heat. Cited correctnesses are somewhere in the range of 96 and 98%. Precision, however, can be influenced by the encompassing temperature inside the tallying region being above or underneath a specific worth. Low roofs can likewise diminish the exactness.

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With infra-red bar frameworks, a sensor sends a bar to a reflector on the contrary side of the entryway. At the point when somebody goes through, the pillar breaks and an individual is checked. These were popular a few years back – presently directors for the most part request a higher precision and progressively thorough data to be gathered. Also, precision will in general reduce with wide or usy doorways. In the event that two individuals cross a shaft together, for example, just one check will be recorded. Direct daylight onto the shaft will likewise influence the framework. Troublesome conditions can bring precision down to 80%.

Hand-held count counters are the least advanced of arrangements. An individual stands tapping the count counter at whatever point anybody goes through the passageway. This might be satisfactory for an irregular individual checking exercise, yet is clearly unsuited to ceaseless observing. Exactness relies upon the individuals holding the count counters. Count counters were once utilized in dance clubs and bars to screen inhabitants, yet are currently being supplanted via programmed checking frameworks.


How simple is it to affirm the precision? With video checking frameworks you can watch the video to affirm the tallies are exact.


Watch that your picked arrangement in the configuration of all the various circumstances in which you need to tally, presently as well as for conceivable future applications. See whether there is any point of confinement to the size of the human checking frameworks you are thinking about. Would they be able to be effectively scaled up for future premises and areas? Will you need to incorporate your kin tallies with your retail location framework? Will the tallying framework additionally be utilized for line checking or mapping hotspots of most visited territories?

Directional or non-directional

Do you have to forget about individuals going in and? The video and warm counters do this consequently. Some infra-red bar frameworks depend on you partitioning the tally by two, despite the fact that the more costly shaft counters are directional.


Do you need direct access to your information? How frequently? A few organizations keep hold of your information and simply send you reports. Others give you full access to all information so you can break it down as you wish.

Consider likewise the time interim over which you need to tally. Do you require the check every week, out of every day, out of each hour, per half-hour, continuously?

On the off chance that you need to see your own information – in what arrangement do you need it? MySQL, xml, content… ?

How is the information dispersed: midway at an administrative center PC, locally, or both? Will approved clients snatch it whenever from anyplace on the planet?

Only a portion of the inquiries you should present yourself while determining a framework.

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What amount is a framework going to cost? Think about starting cost, future extension, establishment, specialized help, any on-going charges.

The least expensive alternative is the hand-held count counter yet this isn’t appropriate for point by point investigation. Additionally, you have to consider the expense of utilizing somebody to remain there tapping the counter throughout the day.

Next least expensive is in the non-directional infra-red bar framework, trailed by the directional shaft counters.

The most costly frameworks will in general be the warm imaging. Like the video counters, they have establishment costs. Be that as it may, the warm counter has a lower field see than video counters and you may require progressively warm units to cover a similar width of passageway or checking zone.

Discover how much a video individual tallying framework costs.

Technical Support

Get some information about their specialized help approach. Ensure you will get after-deals help should you need it.

Risk-Free Trial

At long last, whichever framework from whichever producer you pick you ought to request a preliminary establishment to check it suits your prerequisites. Your picked provider ought to be glad to mastermind this. So a retail chain may request the framework to introduced in only one shop before turning out to the remainder of the chain. Along these lines you can be sure you are settling on the correct choice before submitting a wide scale establishment.


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