Types of Gemstones which can be added to your Jhumka Earrings

Gemstones which can be added to your Jhumka Earrings

Thanks to the huge color choices that the gemstones offer us, we all are mesmerized by them. Some people choose their favorite gemstones by their favorite colors, and some make a choice by their horoscopes. There is indeed a huge variety of gemstone earrings available presently so that any person can customize their jewelry to their specific desires.

Have you ever imagined what a combination would a pair of jhumka earrings and a beautiful colored gemstone would make? If yes, then here are some precious colorful gemstones that you can add to your jhumka earrings or get them online at the best prices. So, let us begin with the different types of gemstones and their features.

Amber Earrings

Amber has a very interesting and very captivating history. Since the last 10,000 years, It has been important to ancient cultures all over the world. Amber was marketed as goods amongst communities mostly during the Bronze Age. Amber trading lines originated from Europe, based on certain archaeological findings. This yellowish-orange colored gemstone is all that you need to enhance the look of your golden jhumkis.

Amethyst Earrings

The ancient Romans and Greeks thought that Amethyst would fight off the Bacchus’ bad powers and make the wearer witty and clean-headed. It has been in several cultures for thousands of years affiliated with many myths and stories as well as religions. This gem is not only renowned for its stunning color, but it is also commonly available in various shapes and sizes, making it affordable. Amethyst combines both cold and warm colors to make it look amazing in both white and yellow metals.

Diamond Earrings

Diamonds have been one of the most beloved objects of desire since time immemorial. Developed in over a billion years, 100 miles below the surface of the Earth, diamonds are the hardest gemstones of all. Others say diamonds were formed when lightning bolts hit rocks while others say that the gem has healing powers. You can surely invest in a pair of diamond earrings for sure by getting these earrings online at an affordable price.

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You will find this gem in a very deep red Bohemian color to radiant greens; which also make it look like a rainbow of colors.  We also see them in different colors like oranges and browns which you will find in Namibia and Sri Lanka. Mythological experts say that garnets light up every night and shield their owners from bad dreams. Garnets have long been taken away from home by travelers in order to shield them from injuries.


This one is the most important gemstone which you need to get your hands on for sure. People has loved and loved pearls through human history. Not only this, but Persian mythology also refers to pearls as the tears of God while ancient Chinese tradition believed that the moon possessed the power to produce pearls, incorporating the glow of stars in them. Cultivated pearls come in several beautiful colors, varying from white, beige, to rose, lilac, purple, gold, black, and silver.These are some of the very famous gemstones which you can surely add into your jhumka earrings and make them look beautiful. Matching gemstones will surely complement your outfits for sure.


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