Types of Asthma: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

types of asthma

Asthma comprises an ailment that influences the breathing passages or airways or tubes of the lungs-bronchioles.

The malady of asthma starts with progressive, lasting, or chronic inflammation of these tubes. This development renders the bronchioles or airways of the individual enduring asthma exceedingly sensitive or hypersensitive to diverse triggers.

Types of asthma

Bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma forms the highly prevalent kind of asthma that invades the bronchi within your lungs

Childhood asthma

Kids go through asthma with high sensitivity to stuff that triggers an allergy. Children can undergo everyday signs with grave attacks.

Adult-onset asthma

The commencement of asthma among grown-ups is frequently continual and necessitates the day –to –day dealing with flare-ups and thwarting signs. Asthma can set in at any point in the lifespan.

Various kinds of asthma are as under:

Extrinsic asthma or allergic asthma

Usually, allergens activate this kind of asthma, which are:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mould
  • Food

Pet dander from animals such as dogs & cats

Intrinsic asthma or Non-allergic asthma

Irritants found in the air not correlated to allergies start this kind of asthma, which are:

  • Utilizing hardwood or even cigar filth
  • Aroma
  • Air of cooler
  • House cleaning products
  • environment pollution
  • Antiperspirant
  • Virus illnesses

Occupational asthma

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  • Dirt and dust
  • Plastic latex
  • Pets proteins
  • poisons of Industrial

Such irritants may prevail within a broad array of industries that include manufacturing, woodworking, textiles, and farming.

EIB or Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction

EIB generally effects people within several moments of beginning exercises and will go on for fifteen minutes subsequent to physical exercise.  Ninety per cent of individuals fighting asthma as well undergo EIB.

Nocturnal asthma

This kind of asthma usually deteriorates in the nighttime. Dust mites, pet dander, and heartburn can bring on it during the night.

CVA or cough-variant asthma

CVA is not bearing classic signs of breathlessness and wheezing. Its main symptoms are a constant dry cough. CVA can give rise to full-scale asthma assaults, which may involve very widespread signs.

Seasonal asthma

This kind of asthma comes on in opposition to allergens that are found in the surrounding environ at specific occasions of the year like pollen at the time of hay fever or cold air in the winter times.

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Causes of asthma

There exists not one reason for the onset of asthma. But , experts hypothesize that inhaling issue builds up on account of various will cause , that are :


Some time your parents are ailing with asthma, your offsprings can catch it.

Record of any viral infections

Individuals with a record of any viral infections in their early days are highly liable to catch the disease.

Hygiene hypothesis

This theory supposes that children do not get enough exposure to bacteria in their starting months or years of babyhood. So, the immune systems of like children do not get stronger sufficiently to protect against asthma & other morbidities.

Early allergen contact

Repeated exposure to potential irritants and allergens can magnify the menace of getting asthma.


In case a female use illicit drugs and smokes during the days of pregnancy, her unborn baby cannot grow fully and have low birth weight. Newborn babies can develop asthma easily.

Smoking tobacco

Studies link tobacco smoke to a magnified threat of asthma onset, plus respiratory infections and wheezing, and fatalities owing to asthma.


Generally, atopy makes a category of allergic reactions in various body parts that do not encounter allergens like allergic conjunctivitis, eczema, and hay fever.

The menstrual cycle

PMA or perimenstrual asthma forms one kind of asthma that gives rise to intense signs during periods in women and sensitivity towards aspirin.


Several studies tie asthma to obesity but the American Academy of Asthma, Allergies, and Immunology has never endorsed it.


Individuals who endure stress carry high peril of asthma. Several emotional encounters like grief, laughter can set off an asthma assault.


Too much physical activity can render breathing troublesome.

Symptoms of asthma

While the breathing tubes turn infected or irritated, a victim undergoes an asthma onslaught. The attack can hail abruptly or build up gradually over some hours or days. The prime signs that hint at an assault are as under:

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Vomit
  • Chest muscles tightness
  • Inhalation

Symptoms can break during the night hours. In case they encounter you during the night, they can disrupt your sleep.

Wheezing makes the very prevalent sign of an asthma onslaught:

  • Some home work happens to be a kind of hissing, whistling, and a musical sound alongside breathing
  • Wheezes cannot be audible during breathing air out, however, they can take place during inhaling
  • All asthmatics do not wheeze and all persons who indulge in wheezing are not asthmatics

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Treatment for asthma

Options of treatment as to asthma come under three chief categories such as breathing exercises, first aid treatment or rescue, and long-ranging asthma control remedies. You can see  Asthalin Inhaler Price in USA and select trusted place for buy this product.

Your physician can settle on the accurate treatment choice and blend of treatments in your aid founded on the kind of asthma you are fighting, your age as well as your triggers.

Breathing exercises

The prime purpose of these exercises is to make your lungs inhale and exhale more air. With time, it can assist boost lung capacity & cut back on grim asthma signs. Your doctor of medicine or an occupational therapist tends to aid you to learn breathing exercises to manage asthma.

First aid treatments or Rescue

These medicines need consumption only during the onslaught of an asthma attack. They offer rapid respite to assist you to take breaths again such as:

  • Nebulizers and rescue inhalers that happen to bring in the utilization together with remedies that require being inhaled deep inside your lungs
  • Bronchodilators that function to lighten up the stiffened muscles within the lungs
  • Anti-inflammatory that impinges on inflammation present within the lungs that is likely to obstruct breathing

In case anyone among your acquaintance is fighting an asthma onslaught, you must make him sit upright and aid him in utilizing nebulizer or rescue inhaler. Two-six puffs pertaining to medicine need to aid alleviate his signs. In case signs continue for over twenty minutes, go for medical aid.

Long-ranging asthma management medicines

In this group fall medicines, which need daily intake to thwart signs. Several rescue treatments like nebulizers and inhalers can be utilized each day. Nevertheless, your medical practitioner will determine to titrate the dosages. If you want to get more information about asthma treatment medication then go over here

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