10 Basic Tricks for Writing Engaging Content with Examples

10 Basic Tricks for Writing Engaging Content with Examples

How to write engaging content?

Lately, the definition of content writing and the actual application has been a controversial subject. Content writers assume writing as a means to generate website ranking on search engines while the audience perceives it as a source of true and applied knowledge. And, in the era where the customer is king, writers need to start investing in engaging content ideas.

No one can question the fact that SEO is the magnet to attract an authentic audience to your web content. However, reader engagement is the primary focus of a content writer to retain customer base.

It is high time content writers stop chasing numbers and focus on what really matters- Engaging Content! And, that’s when you hit a home run.

10 Tips for writing audience-engaging content

1. Write for your audience, not for the publisher

Pretend you are writing for a kid’s toy company and plan to interact with your audience via a blog. Build the target audience in your mind by answering the key questions– Who is the buyer? Why will they buy? and how can they buy?

Now, let me tell you if you created the picture of a parent (the decision maker and buyer in this case), you are in the right track, however, if your publisher tells you to write engaging content for kids, then that’s not happening! Win the conviction of the decision maker (the audience) not the publisher.

In hardcore marketing terms – Build the buyer persona, set the tone of the brand and speak to the interest of the audience.

2. Your title is the first step of engagement

Yes, you have heard this over and over again yet your audience loses interest before giving your engaging content a chance. Stop fretting and make the desired corrections now.

The title plays the “take it or leave it” role in content reading. Your title should be indicative of the purpose of the article and hit the audience at the right spot. Words used in the title speaks for your content and assures a solution to your readers.

Your title has the potential to lead the horse to the well, beyond which your engaging content should do the magic.

3. Stop selling products, sell solutions

 Solution selling is an entrepreneurial technique which marketers can apply in content marketing.

Try to use a story to captivate your audience. Weave the story around the product or craft an ending, suggesting the product as the solution. Write engaging content in such a manner that you keep your audience guessing till the end.

Solution selling brings another important matter on the table. Touch base all areas of problems your audience is suffering. Either offer a detailed view of a single issue or present a compiled view of all problems.  But, make sure to address the issues with an appropriate solution which your audience can genuinely apply. 

4. People love real-life examples, give them what they love!

Trust me on this one, people really really love examples!

The example has a simple psychological impact on the mind of the reader- it conveys that the writer understands their need. And definitely, examples make learning easier and fathomable.

We insist you add tons of real-life examples to draft interactive content. One trick that you can easily adopt is asking questions that people can relate from everyday life.

5. A writer should be passionate about the content subject

The most popular columnists or writers gain name because of the conviction they have in writing, what they write.  Famous writers are not mere writers they are either subject experts or passionate about the topics they invest time writing.

You will always bring out the best in your writing when you are emotionally and mentally convinced yourself. The feelings automatically reflect in your content and influences readers.

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6. Make your audience stick till the end

Yeah, writing is great and so is the content but aren’t their too many articles on the same subject? Why would the reader want to read YOUR article? What is different in your content to make them stay till the end?

Do not just serve food to your readers, serve them a gourmet meal which is visually appealing.

A presentation is an extra spice you can add in your content. Graphics such as images, charts, videos, etc. convey the message far better than an article consumed with long paragraphs. Give the reader’s eye some break!

Also, internal links that educate readers (especially with jargons and technical terms) play a great role in captivating the audience.

7. Don’t make use of jargons unless needed

We understand the use of jargons in academic writing, but jargons in web content writing play a negative impact on the audience.

Readers do not wish to waste their time looking for definitions in the dictionary. If the reader has to make efforts in searching for word meanings that will ultimately exhaust the reader and make them quit your web page.

The idea behind reading your content is to simplify life, not add more complexities. So, avoid any or too many jargons and if you plan to still use them, give a short explanation in the same article.

8. Organize your content, make it look neat

According to my knowledge, this is by far the easiest thing any writer can and should implement while writing engaging content.

If you perform a little research on engaging content examples, you may stumble into the following best practices:

  • Structure the content well and make use of plenty of transition words.
  • Use headers and sub-headers to separate sections and to give more clarity to the message.
  • Highlight what is important and color code what is distinguished.
  • Connect your paragraphs from the previous one, do not leave your readers at a dead end.

9. Audience reads for answers not to evaluate your writing skills

Chose your words and word count wisely. Write because the reader wants to read, do not write unnecessarily lengthy articles to flaunt your writing skills.

Repetitive contents create a negative impact on the audience and give them more opportunities to increase your bounce rate.

In short and simple words, keep the content concise, short and crisp with logical context and content.

10. What do you want your reader to do?

The end goal of any website content writer is to persuade readers to apply the solutions in their everyday life. Which is honestly the biggest reward for a writer, evidencing their convincing capacity.

So, your readers need a final button to take action and give your content monetary value.

Always, and I repeat always have a conclusion to sell your idea or a call to action button to reach the solution.

Social media shareable content needs to be an awesome content

Writers often feel disappointed when their contents do not make it to the list of viral posts on social media. And the disappointment is understandable, considering the fact that good contents always create a hue and cry in the social media world.

Social media content is not mere website contents, they are well thought of words delicately put together to reach the unknown and unaware population.

Precisely, if you wish to be a social media sensation, concentrate on writing engaging contents rather than content optimization techniques. Strike the right balance between SEO and content writing.

A short message for all the writers out there– Writing should be like the daily prayer which makes you feel complete on reaching the last word.

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