Top Tips to Choose the Most Affordable Wedding Rings

Top Tips to Choose the Most Affordable Wedding Rings

Wedding – your very own special day and it’s no sin to choose the most lavish stuff – right from the wedding dress to the decorations and even the ring. You truly deserve all of it, sure, especially the ring, considering that it becomes more than just a piece of jewelry today. 

Now, look at it this way. Is it really worth splurging all that money on something which you’re just going to wear only sometimes? Let’s face it. How much of our modern-day schedules allow us to adorn our wedding bands literally all the time? While most of us may find them “uncomfortable” using our computers at work, some others may find them obstructive in carrying out other household chores.

Then, why spend thousands of dollars on getting the world’s most expensive ring when you can do so much better with a more affordable yet equally gorgeous version? We have some brilliant ideas for you here. Read on.

Tips to Choose Affordable Wedding Rings 

Here goes – 

  • Set a budget for yourself – Talking of money, the first step you need to take is to define a maximum budget for only the ring (considering that there are tons of other wedding expenses too). Glance through your current savings and decide how much you can comfortably shell out for the ring. Once you’ve set a bar, it’s easier to look up designs that fit into the category.
  • Don’t forget to compare – When you have immense competition for the ring (which is an extremely important part of the wedding), you want to be sure of who you’re placing your best bet at. With big and small brands all vying for your attention (when they know you’re looking up for your D-Day), it’s important to take price quotes from all and then compare before saying yes to anyone.
  • Check online reviews – They’re the best place to know all about the various brands and how true they are to their word when it comes to delivering. Durability is what you’re after, more than anything else when it comes to choosing affordable wedding rings. You don’t want to compromise on the quality to make up for the cost. Research and do your homework well.
  • Find out about the returns policy – This is most important because a ring is something which you and your partner both must agree upon in terms of the look and design, not to forget the fit too. If it isn’t possible to shop for it together (or you want to surprise them), then you wouldn’t want to be stuck with your ring purchase. 
  • Pick the same for a lower price – You can buy Tungsten wedding rings as they are a more reasonable option than diamond rings. Also, you know how white gold looks really similar to platinum. The best part about buying a white gold ring is that it costs thousands of dollars less than a platinum band. Just like that, sterling rings look very similar to white gold, but they cost several hundreds of dollars less than a white gold wedding band.

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Check well about the store’s returns policy, especially one that lasts more than a week. Also, if you choose to buy it online, you’d be all the more interested to get a good return policy in case the ring isn’t what it looked like on the screen.

  • Dare to be different – A conventional wedding ring may cost higher but if you don’t mind being a bit different from the crowd, then you may be able to open up a host of other avenues as well which can be relatively more pocket-friendly. You may go for recycled diamonds, customized designs, or colored stones that stand out and may fit within your budget too.
  • Be sure on the certification – When going for affordable options online, be sure on where you get it from and whether the ring comes with a genuine lab certification on diamonds. This is to verify that the diamond you buy has passed all the characteristics like the quality of the cut, color, clarity, and weight of the carat. Don’t be duped just because you choose to do things differently.

To Sum Up

It’s not very difficult to get what you want and what fits your pocket too. While weddings are all about beautiful things, they are not necessarily meant to create a financial crisis for you. All you need to do is check out as many stores as possible, get your mind fixed on just one type of ring, and try to get a similar looking wedding band for your loved one. Just keep your eyes open for ideas and dare to stand different from the crowd, and we promise, your wedding ring won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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