Top tips of spotting a legit Louis Vuitton bag

Top tips of spotting a legit Louis Vuitton bag

There are a lot of people who want to know the top tips to spot a legit Louis Vuitton bag. While some of you will be able to spot the fake Louis Vuitton handbags right away, there are some that you will have to take your time with. In fact, it can be difficult sometimes to determine if the bag is a fake or an authentic one. Read on to find out more about these top tips to spot a legit Louis Vuitton bag from the fakes.

The first tip that you need to understand is that not all Louis Vuitton bags are authentic. This may seem obvious, but it needs to be stated again. Louis Vuitton handbags are all authentic. They are replicas (imitations) that are made to look like the real thing. While you may get tempted to purchase a cheap Louis Vuitton bag, it is best to stick to the real ones.

When it comes to spotting a legit Louis Vitton bag, check out the trim, the leather handles and the trim are always a rich tan colour

So, if a bag looks cheap, it probably is not the authentic Louis Vuitton bag. On the other hand, if the bag has the serial number on the outside and is in pretty good shape overall, then it is the real thing. Keep in mind that some real designer bags do come with serial numbers on them. Instead, they will have some sort of identification mark on the outside of the bag that will give you an idea that it is the real thing.

Next, you need to look for a logo. This is the sort of thing that will tell you if the bag is the authentic Louis Vuitton handbag that you are interested in purchasing. All you have to do is look at the back of the bag. If there is a logo that is in great condition and is in the style of the designer brand, then you have got the real thing. Note that it is possible that there is more than one designer brand; however, if the handbag has the same logo as the leading brand, then it is most likely the authentic product.

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Next, you want to check the stitching. If the material is not stitched together properly, then you have got a problem. Louis Vuitton bags have a stitched-together look, which means that if the stitching is not neat and tight, then the bag is not from Louis Vuitton. Also, if the stitches are off centre, then you are not getting an authentic bag. It is also possible that the stitching is uneven; however, the bags that are produced for mass production will have uniform stitches.

Check the heat stamp, it should be crisp and not too deep with all the letters spaced out evenly

Next, if the bag is too big or small for you to carry around in your hand, then it is most likely not the real deal. It is best to avoid these bags if you do not have a lot of extra space in your pockets or handbag to put them in. Many people believe that the larger the bag is, the more expensive it is. However, this is not the case. Larger bags tend to be heavier, so if you are travelling with a large bag, then you should probably choose a smaller one that has less weight on it.

Always take a good lock at the hardware like the zips and locks. On a real LV bag, the zip does not have the company logo on it, while the logo on the lock is always perfectly centred

The next tip is to examine the authenticity of the serial number of the authentic bag in Legitgrails. If you find some with a serial number that does not match the one you bought, then you know it is not the real deal. You can easily spot fake Louis Vuitton bags by seeing if there are numbers that are repeated. 

Also, look at the material used to create the handles. Genuine bags have leather handles with real leather stitching. You can easily tell fake bags because they will have distinct uneven or mismatched stitching.

Another thing that you should watch out for with authentic bags is the zipper itself. If a zipper is crooked or damaged then it’s probably a fake. Louis Vuitton is famous for having beautiful zippers, and if you see a damaged zipper you can be almost certain that it is a fake. It will look shabby and unfinished and will most likely not close or seal properly. These are top tips to spot a fake bag.

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Lastly, check out the stitching, look at the colour of the thread and the number of stitches that have been used

One final thing to note is the stitching on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. Note that even if the stitching appears to be spotty on a replica bag, that is OK. The point is that the stitching on authentic bags is very nice, and you won’t find any points that appear to be missing or uneven on a Louis Vuitton bag. In fact, there will often be very few if any imperfections and these are exactly what people look for when they are buying a fake bag.

These top tips to spot a legit Louis Vuitton bag will help you know exactly how to spot a fake before you buy one. While replica bags may look like they are authentic, the truth is that many replicas simply aren’t anywhere near as good as Louis Vuitton. When you are in the market for a new handbag, it is important to know which bags are the real deal and which ones are not so you don’t end up paying top dollar for a substandard product.


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