Top Things To Do in Vietnam for an Experience of a Lifetime

10 Things to do in Vietnam for a Fun Vacay

Xin Chao! What does happiness sound like for a wanderlust? A tick mark right beside the dream destinations in the bucket list! If Vietnam sounds like a charming must go for you, then you have just landed at the apt place! Here are the top 10 fun things to do in Vietnam.

Get your tongue ready to be “Hanoi”- fied

Treating your taste buds with flavourful traditional cuisine is an inevitable travel custom. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam serves a variety of delicious foods starting from aromatic street foods to cozy fancy restaurants. The streets of Hanoi introduces you to the authentic touch of Vietnamese food culture. The buzzing Foodland is a saviour to hunger pangs and demanding taste buds. Ensure you never miss out on any dish in the classic menu right from Pho bo on the streets to egg coffee in restaurants. Hire a motorbike, unleash yourself and go on a food hunt.

An Oceanic Escape along the Halong bay

Halong bay

Reaching out to the dreamy islands shown in the movies is no more a cry in the wilderness. Cruising across Halong Bay is the best fantasy escape from the real world. Experience 1600 majestic limestones spread across an area of 1500sqkm. Bird watching, ancient islands, witnessing floating villages makes the World heritage a time worthy destination.

A Walk In the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

Fond of historical places? Never miss an opportunity to dig deep into the historical Cu Chi tunnel. Exploring the tunnels takes you to the quick ride through the historical pages of the Vietnam wars. The 250m long tunnel is in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh city. Before you get your backpacks ready to indulge in, watch the movie played by the authorities for a safe and adventurous walk. Get ready to crawl!

A day in the Sapa countryside

Sapa Countryside

Sapa Countryside, a collection of villages alongside the mountain serves to be home of minorities residing from the ages of French colonization is a delight for

the eyes. The picturesque place is decorated with green rice farms and bordered with breathtaking valleys. When in Sapa meet and greet the minorities and listen to their traditional values and cultures. Before you leave, make a visit to the Sapa museum.

Hue – The Imperial city

Hue - The Imperial city

Hue, the old capital city has an essence of ancient historical stories. It was the place of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past and the shreds of evidence still reflect in the bombed and broken palaces. Travel to visit the Dai Noi citadel standing tall and huge marking a never-ending place in history.

Get the Shopping bag ready

Hit a visit to the local silk markets in Hoi An. Time flies as you take a walk through the busy streets of Hoi An filled with numerous local shops. Groom yourself up with the traditional silk dresses and suits stitched by the tailors in Hoi An. Hold on! Dresses aren’t the only thing to buy, Vietnam has a variety of local markets popular for decoratives, terracottas, spices and much more.

Groove to the Music at Saigon Opera house

Groove to the Music at Saigon Opera house

Hey music lovers! This is for you. Saigon Opera house is an ancient site built-in 1897. It is a wise choice to hold a place in your Vietnam trip itinerary. Sip coffee as you enjoy the ballets by renowned operas in the French style buildings.

A boat ride in the Mekong delta

A boat ride in the Mekong delta

Explore the rice bowl of Vietnam taking a boat ride. The Mekong delta connects you to the rural colors of Vietnam. It is a junction of various deltas and tributaries that start from China and end here. The Mekong is scenic to watch and stay. This Southern part of Vietnam engages you in a mesmerizing experience. Pack your bags, get the cameras ready to travel in an ancient Vietnamese boat.

The dense green Ba Be National Park

The dense green Ba Be National Park

A national park surrounding the Ba Be lakes. Yes, you read it right! The national park is a home for a variety of plant and animal species. Take a boat ride through the lakes to say hello to the diverse species of animals, birds, and plants. Also,

witness the tribal villages that live here. Plunge into the dense valleys and forest through the lakes.

The Beachy Nha Trang

The Beachy Nha Trang

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Enjoy the breezy wind and beach waves alongside clean beaches in Nha Trang. It is a well-maintained tourist attraction with swimming areas and comfy lounges. Sunbath and chill on the beach sands and take a trip to the Po Nagar Towers.

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