Top-Selling Cannabidiol Products In 2019


With the government making CBD consumption legal in 2018 there have been several cannabidiol products hitting the streets and shelves. There is an increasing awareness about the benefits of CBD products and a wave of consumerism has taken over the market. The variety of products available is enormous and first-time consumers can get confused while selecting the appropriate CBD products.

Here’s a List Of The Best-Selling CBD Products This Year

We have compiled a list to help you choose while looking for the product that would suit you the best. These products vary in terms of their intake methods, textures, and their respective uses. Some products in this list are used for skincare whereas some are used for pain relief and to subside anxiety.

Wholesale CBD Oil

Cbd oil has been high on consumption list be it of any company. The consumers are slowly getting acquainted with the product and used it regularly. Hence cutting the middleman out helps them to get an authentic product at a cheaper price. You are ensured high quality, locally grown organic CBD from farm to isolate.

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture- Craft 1861

It is a useful CBD product for those with a busy lifestyle. Mixing a few drops of this tincture in your smoothie or taking them up directly can have an immense effect on the betterment of your health. A few drops of this tincture can have a calming effect on you throughout the day. It comes with the right analysis certificates and contains 0% THC.

CBD Gummies- CBD Lion

Incorporating CBD into gummy bears is a genius idea. It is the easiest way to intake CBD and adds a flavorful touch to it as well. This product particularly is prepared with a vegan and organic recipe. It is available as 200mg and 500mg bottles and in three flavors- orange, raspberry and strawberry and has all the ingredients listed on the product. It is made from non-GMO hemp and is advised to intake 1-2 cubes per day. This product is infused with CBD and not sprayed.

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GRN Vape Cartridges

These CBD products are induced with full-spectrum hemp extract and contain the legal amount of THC (less than 0.3 %). It is composed of plant-derived terpenes mixed with coconut oil which can help in absorption. These products are available without a prescription. They are available in the market in the form of 0.5 mL or 1mL cartridge in apple-cinnamon flavor, vanilla custard flavor or simple unflavoured options. These cartridges are tested by third-party labs and have some excellent reviews from the customers. They are also made in a gluten-free manner and are completely vegan.

Pineapple Express CBD Shatter- Blue Moon Hemp

This product has made it onto this list because of the shatter usually available in the market has only 45-75% purity whereas this CBD product has a 99.6% purity. These crystals contain cannabidiol and terpenes and can be consumed in plenty of ways. The best method can be dabbing it or making edible out of it. You can also mix it in your smoking material or mix it with essential oil.

CBD Lip Balm – CBDistillery

This is a 25 mg lip balm stick that is infused with CBD that will help restore the moisture and help your chapped lips to become extremely soft and soothing. This is aimed at giving localized relief and help your lips recover from the effects of the harsh environment. Hydrating your lips with this product is extremely effective.

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GRN Dog Treats

This product is the ideal zero-THC, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract for your canine partners. Thay act as supplements for your dogs and can help relieve pain, inflammation, and stress of any kind. These treats come in peanut-butter flavor and is a favorite among the pets.

Final Thoughts – Bulk CBD Suppliers Are The Ones To Look Out For.

If you are interested in consuming CBD products do your research and purchase the products carefully. Check how the hemp is grown and if the product has a third party lab’s verification. This will help you shortlist the products. Also, choose wisely and examine the ingredients that are added as some cosmetic products that contain CBD may also have certain ingredients that you might be allergic to. Go for bulk CBD suppliers as they ensure that the products are pure and organic.


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