Top Myths Spreading Negativity about Contact Centre Outsourcing

In this day and age, where outsourcing contact centre is deemed as one of the best business practices because when you get professionals on-board to handle certain tasks, better results are bound to come.

The irony is some myths spreading negativity about contact centre outsourcing, which consequently, is creating a chaotic situation for the new entrants in the business world.

Have a look at the trending myths on which you shouldn’t believe:

Myth 1: Outsourcing is more expensive than having an in-house contact centre

Most of the businesses outsource contact centre functions because they know they can save all the costs related to recruitment, training, overhead, and turnover. To put it briefly, outsourcing contact centre is a much cheaper option.

But the myth says to run an in-house call centre as it is cost-effective. This could be all, but not the reality as you have to invest more money than your anticipated amount to handle customers’ queries, and still there is no guarantee you will succeed in exceeding customer expectations.   

By means of contact centre outsourcing, companies can easily save a significant amount of money and enjoy high customer satisfaction.

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Myth 2: An outsourced contact centre won’t represent my brand aptly

Whenever a service request comes, it should be viewed as an opportunity to build the brand image because when you provide inimitable resolutions to customers, they are likely to spread the positive word about your brand.

Eminent contact centre outsourcing companies always make sure that the best-in-class resolutions get delivered during customer interactions.

But the myth revolving around contact centre outsourcing is established third-party companies don’t represent their clients’ brand well during customer interactions.

But this is just a delusion as renowned contact centre service providers always try hard to surpass customer expectations related to assistance during interactions.

Myth 3: Robots will take the place of humans in customer service

The ultimate goal that every business owner has in mind is ‘Attainment of high customer satisfaction’, no matter whether an in-house contact centre is being operated or a third-party company is approached regarding outsourcing.

Of course, technology plays a vital role in delivering prodigious resolutions during customer service interactions, but it doesn’t mean that this will dwindle the importance of human support agents.

The myth says that there is no point in outsourcing contact centre functions as robots focussed on providing first-rate customer service are all set to their launch and help businesses running customer service operations in-house.

But the thing that you should keep in your mind is no technology-driven robots can replace human support agents from customer service operations as the personal touch will be missing if anything like that happens.

Although AI-driven chatbots can help to enrich customers’ service experience, but they are meant to pre-empt silly human errors and reduce the workload, not taking place of human agents.

So, if you are thinking about contact centre outsourcing, go for it instead of waiting for so-called robots.         

Myth 4: Customer data will be more vulnerable if the contact centre is outsourced

By all means, saving vital customer data is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Maximum companies are concerned about customer data while outsourcing contact centre functions, but the fact that will leave you astonished is you can put precious and classified customer data at the highest security level if you opt for outsourcing because specialised contact centre service providers follow sets of rules in which some are compliant with TCAP, FACTA, and HIPAA regulations.

Besides this, you don’t have to worry about the up-gradation of customer data because contact centre outsourcing companies make reports of every new change, be it concerns addition or deletion, made to the CRM (customer relationship management) system.      

All in all, you ensure invulnerability to your customer data by outsourcing contact centre functions.

Final few words:

Well, everything has some pros and cons, but it is imperative to remember that myths revolve around only good things. By all means, contact centre outsourcing is beneficial for business owners because it not only helps to save a significant amount of money but also paves the way for long-term customer relationships.

Of course, established businesses don’t believe in myths related to contact centre outsourcing as they have been enjoying the perks of it for many years. It is understandable that there are some concerns for every new business owner, but you cannot live in the shadows of fear when the sky is the limit for you.

We hope you don’t believe in above-listed myths or have any doubts related to the decision of outsourcing contact centre functions. In case you want to reach us in regards to knowing more about contact centre outsourcing, use the comment section given below.Thanks for reading!  

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