Top Countries to Study Abroad MBBS & Reasons to Study in China

Countries to Study Abroad MBBS

Abroad study is one of the most chosen options by the students after completion of 10+2 and graduate studies. There are various countries which can provide the course of MBBS to international students from all over the world.

Hence, a candidate can choose to study among any of the countries to study. Most of the students prefer to study in China as the universities of China are ranked among the top educational institutes of the world.

China is a country the provides education & infrastructure of international standards to students who wish to pursue MBBS as their career option and that too at low costs. Here are some of the top countries which are known to provide MBBS abroad options to students.

10 Best Country to Study Abroad MBBS for Indian Students

MBBS in China

The curriculum that is designed for MBBS in China is for six years which includes 1 year of internship in China. The course of the MBBS is followed by a one-year internship in an affiliated hospital.

There are in all 259 government medical universities approved by MCI & MOE, China. These are bifurcated as 45 (English Medium) + 214 (Bilingual).

The 45 medical universities are the old ones approved by MCI and have been accepting Indian students from more than a decade now.

The 214 universities have been approved by MCI and has been accepting Indian students from last 3 years. The medical universities in China offer medical degree course at a low cost as compared to other countries and also offer good scholarships to students.

The cost of living in China is quite cheap and so is the public transport. All the universities provide hostels to its students. An average living cost for any student in China is approximately 100-150 USD per month including the food expenses.

MBBS in China is amongst top choice of students as they are getting quality eduaction on low cost plust top ranked universities.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine, as an option to study medicine is gaining momentum among the students. The course duration in Ukraine for MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years.

The students will have to take up internship in India on their return after the course. The student needs to clear FMGE exam before taking up internship in India. Some universities allow the students to stay in private hostels.

The living cost in Ukraine is approximately 125-175 USD per month for a student.

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MBBS in Russia

Russia is ranked among the top-rated countries to provide MBBS to the local as well as foreign students. Education in Russia is supported by the government of Russia which lowers the costs of studies even further.

A candidate needs not to appear for any entrance examination to pursue MBBS in Russian universities. The duration of the course for MBBS in Russia is 6 years.

There are a lot of options for the students to choose from. The weather is on the colder side for the Indian students as compared to those studying in China. Russian language is the part of the curriculum.

These countries provide the facility to study MBBS with the best quality of education.

5 Reason to Study MBBS in China

Today most of the international countries offer admission to the students from other countries to study their desired course. China is among the top-ranked country for providing admission to international students for medical studies.

Students today mostly prefer to choose medical studies as their further option. A candidate can choose to study MBBS in China because Chinese universities provide various benefits to the students.

China provides one of the best courses of MBBS from all over the world. There are many reasons which can be considered to study MBBS in China.

Strong economy and stable society

China is economically known to be one of the strongest countries in the world. China does not face any type of problem in internal security as well as provides an amazing infrastructure to the students.

The basis of strong economy of any country depends on its education. China itself has good quality of education thereby providing the same to its students whether Chinese or other nationals.

 Low Tuition Fees

Chinese universities have low fees for MBBS in comparison to other international countries of the world. They provide quality education to study in China at affordable rates.

The government universities receive a good financial aid from the government and share the benefits with its students who are the future ambassadors for them. Hence the universities also offer scholarships to students for all the courses including MBBS in China.

Huge country to Explore

China is geographically huge and full of artificial and natural wonders. When a student chooses to study MBBS in China he or she can get a chance to explore the wonders.

Ample Choices

China has a number of medical schools as well as universities which offers education to thousands of foreign as well as local students. The universities of China provide free choice to choose their desired one among those Chinese universities. The universities of China are officially approved by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization.

Variety of Language

Most of the Chinese universities provide the course of MBBS in the English Language for the easy learning of international students from all over the world.

Role of Jagvimal Consultants for Study in China

Jagvimal Consultants is ranked among the top overseas MBBS consultants in Jaipur which helps the candidates to positively study in China. The expert team of counselors is always ready to guide the students towards their goal achievement.  Jagvimal Consultants helps a candidate to study on scholarship in China.



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