Top 7 Benefits Why You Should Travel More in 2020

Benefits Why You Should Travel More

A multiple benefit lifestyle, traveling offers you new experiences in every place you visit. So, being busy or having little money aren’t valid excuses for skipping travel in 2020!

#Traveling Boosts Your Health

Travel helps you physically as well as psychologically, from minimizing your odds of inflicting heart disease to relieving stress appreciably. While you may sit at your work desk throughout the day, walking around tourist hotspots during your trip certainly rejuvenates your body. Also, consider taking long hikes as hiking benefits your waistline, and make sure to mute your cell phone while on your nature trail.

Traveling Boosts Your Health

Traveling to new places also cures mental ailments like depression and high-functioning anxiety. Traveling disconnects you from your everyday troubles, which otherwise, eat you up! Whether it’s your boss taking control of your life, or kids annoying you, it’s best to withdraw for a while and take a travel break.

It could be a long vacation or even simply 24 hours afar. Even better, you’d feel happiest while planning the trip, experiencing the effects almost eight weeks ahead of your trip.

#Traveling Makes You an Interesting Conversationalist

No writing an entire travel essay, simply mention all that you’ve seen and wherever you’ve been. Including a couple of stories from your overseas trip in your conversation is a sure attention-getter.

Mentioning things that many aren’t acquainted with always helps to shine while socializing. Your memorable camel trek in the middle of the Sahara Desert or your diving adventure with sharks in the Australian waters – such stories excite most people and instantly add to their wishlist.

Having traveled frequently and to different places worldwide, your peers will regard you as a knowledgeable person, wanting to seek your advice on travel-related matters. You’ll also get better at small talk and at breaking the ice with strangers, making you more approachable than before. Who wouldn’t want to hear about your week-long stay in Cuba, where you drove a vintage car with a universal roof rack, swam with dolphins and tried delicious Cuban cuisine?

#Traveling is very Educative

An incredibly effective form of education, traveling makes you aware of the world, helping you appreciate varied cultures and different styles of living. Whether you’re tasting exotic foods in distant regions or watching wild animals, traveling offers you a plethora of opportunities that you would otherwise miss in your daily life.

By frequently traveling in the coming year, you’ll certainly get smarter, picking up bits of different languages or travel jargon, leading to improved brain capacity. Besides familiarizing you with new languages and cultures, traveling also helps you discover yourself.

For instance, if you happen to experience challenging situations, you’ll need to be ingenious and think in another way. This way, you’ll develop new skills that you never knew you possessed.

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#Traveling Brings You Closer to Other Cultures

There’s no better way than traveling to experience other cultures firsthand. While traveling to different parts of the globe, you’re sure to develop empathy as well as a broad understanding of foreign cultures. You’ll end up being more tolerant about them and will realize that everything isn’t so bad overseas. Also, you’ll appreciate that your comfort zone is only a fraction of the entire world! While learning the cultural differences across the globe, you get to see the way of life of other people, bringing you closer to them. For instance, slurping loudly while eating noodles in Japan sends good vibes, whereas it’s frowned upon in England.

What’s more, knowing someone from a foreign land can be of great help, bridging the foreign language hurdle. If you want to change your mindset about traveling abroad, dare to take a trip to regions you’re skeptical about.

#Traveling Lets You Try Amazing Cuisine

Though you’d pride on your delicious home meals, you’ll realize that there’s nothing as unique as trying another country’s traditional food. For instance, you’ll never know the real taste of sushi until you travel to Japan.

While traveling to Poland, you’ll get to try “pierogis”, a meat-and-vegetables-stuffed typical Polish dumpling and one of the most delicious and cheapest foods across the globe. So, don’t miss out on this completely new experience of eating another country’s local cuisine.

Traveling Lets You Try Amazing Cuisine

A country’s staple foods tell a lot about its culture. For example, Costa Rica’s simple meal comprising rice, meat, and sweet plantains represents the country’s simple culture. On the other hand, France’s staple cuisine like nice bread, rich desserts, fine-cut meat, extravagant cheese, and delicious wine indicates the country’s taste for elegance.

Food also makes a good conversation starter and helps you bond with new people. Isn’t it cool to befriend strangers at the adjacent table in a restaurant by talking about the dessert menu? Moreover, tasting new dishes and flavors in a foreign country encourages you to cook new recipes once you’re back home.

#Traveling Makes you Realize how Special Your Home Is

While traveling, you come across new amazing places and a change of scenery, never wanting to return home. However, in due course of your trip, you’ll realize that there’s no place such as your home! So, it only makes sense to travel more, making you value your home more!

Once you’re back from your trip, you’ll realize that while it feels nice to leave home, coming back is an even better feeling. This is the place where you can relax.

Also, you’re seeing your loved ones again, most importantly, in the flesh. Traveling creates the time and distance required to appreciate their physical presence in your daily life. What’s more, you’ll love sharing your travel knowledge and experiences, all fresh in your mind.

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#Traveling Creates Long-Lasting Memories

Any experience that you’ve had abroad or something unusual that you did there creates a lifetime memory. For instance, your first attempt at using chopsticks in a restaurant in China is enough to make your trip to this country memorable. Years later, you’ll laugh, remembering how you struggled to eat your rice and noodles with them!

Travel memories go even beyond the souvenirs which you’d collect from all the places that you visit. As you travel more and more, you’ll have varied experiences, ranging from a peaceful stay at a laid-back historical town to thrilling adventures of dirt biking and bungee jumping.

The travel photographs will be a constant reminder of all these experiences, and you’d love to run through the details in your mind again and again. This way, traveling creates a genuine impression on you, making you smile at its golden memories.

 Traveling Creates Long-Lasting Memories


On reading up these valuable benefits of traveling, you’d surely want to travel more in the coming year. Why not make it your New Year’s resolution right away!


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