Top 5 Myths About Hair Transplant

Taking A Look At The Top 5 Myths About Hair Transplant

The internet is a wonderful space. You can read more, and yet end up learning less about a particular procedure. Almost every fact you try to cross-check on the internet will always have a ‘for’ and ‘against’ argument and the entirety of your view on a particular product or procedure depends on the way you choose to perceive the debate.

With facts and myths floating all over the internet, we’re here to help you understand both sides of the story to some of the most spoken about statements of the same.

  • Myth: Hair transplants don’t work

As one of the most popular forms of hair restoration today, it almost seems unfair to assume that hair transplants don’t work. In fact, a hair transplant is the only form of hair regrowth that is more likely to last a long time. Although you’ll need to be patient through the process, the hair that grows due to the same will be healthy and heavy, unlike the growth you’ll witness through the consumption of prescription drugs.

Moreover, hair transplants help in the growth of hair that is less likely to fall out. Hair grafts from the back and the side of the head are used, which are much less likely to fall out than the ones present atop your scalp. Thus leading to the formulation of the fact that yes, hair transplants do work. You must only choose to remember that “all good things take time”!

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  • Myth: It’s not long-lasting

As mentioned in the point above, hair transplants are one of the only hair restoration procedures that are likely to give a flattering result. Even though results might wary from person to person, the results of hair transplants can even go as far as to last an entire lifetime. The hair that has been transplanted first falls off, and then the actual regrowth is stimulated. The actual results can only be observed over a period of 9-12 months.

  • Myth: The process is painful

As long as you’re getting your hair transplant done by the right doctor and at the right clinic, there should be absolutely no problem in the entire process. Nowadays, the procedure is almost completely painless and is incapable of providing discomfort, let alone pain. Performed under local anaesthesia, you can get the process done and go back home and resume your daily activities.

  • Myth: The process is carried out through the transplantation of individual pieces of hair

If a doctor were to place individual pieces of hair on your head to promote regrowth, the process would go on forever. Moreover, the process wouldn’t even work. It’s a common misconception that hair transplantation is done with the help of the placement of pieces of hair atop the balding area. However, in actuality, hair grafts are used. These grafts can contain single, double or even multiple strands of hair.

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  • Myth: You can get a little too late for a hair transplant

You’re never too late for a hair transplant. In fact, hair transplants are likely to work better on older patients than younger since their bald points are already identified. Younger patients are likely to witness more balding as they age and can be left with unsatisfactory results as they grow to see bald spots form on the points where they didn’t get the treatment.

With the availability of both hair transplantation and PRP Hair transplants in Ahmedabad , The Skin Artistry is a dermatologist that can help you get the treatment you need for your ultimate satisfaction. Dependant on your individual wants and the results you’re hoping to achieve, only the right doctor is capable of giving you a long-lasting result.


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