Top 5 Insights Of On-Demand Services In 2020 – The Future Of E-commerce

E-commerce development company are resurrecting the commerce is happening all around us.

The outgrowing digitally native brands are experimenting with voice commerce features, aligning with luxury Las Vegas hotels on extensive pop-ups, and testing augmented reality – enabling online-to-offline experience. With flexible commerce and progressive web applications (PWA), the terrene is becoming a storefront as brands let commerce through smart mirrors, live streams, and video games.

Yes, an estimated12,000 retail locations were expected to close down in 2019. But, don’t let the headlines skew your perspective – what dies in the retail store or mall is being reborn online. And, what is turned over to a new leaf is increasingly crossing over to the physical world.

So, it’s right to say commerce is being raised from the dead online, offline and everything in between. Undeniably, the future is promising and is carved by the following trends in 2020 and ahead:

  1. Voice Recognization Alters The Way To Purchase
  2. Marketers Aim New Devices and Channels
  3. Automation Powers Productivity
  4. AMP’s and PWAs Attract Mobile Commerce
  5. Viable E-commerce Goes Mainstream
  6. Fresh Food Delivery Anytime Anywhere
  7. A Touch Of Personal Customization Of Product Offering

So, let’s start with most awaited “Voice Recognization Trend” for e-commerce.

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#1 Voice Recognization Alters The Way To Purchase

As per estimation, 35% of all the USA households are embellished with at least one smart speaker, with many clients owning more than one. So, it’s not at all surprising that 26.1% of clients have made a purchase on a smart speaker in 2019.

Noticeably, 3.9% of clients they say make a purchase through smart speakers daily. Google seems to provide the most precise response to queries about commerce, followed by Apple and Amazon.

 Voice Recognization Alters The Way To Purchase

While data shows, everyday households items are the most common to be purchased through voice commerce, akin to buying clothes nearly as common. Not only this predict the path to make a purchase more strongly more via voice, but it also predicts that consumer is a little more inclined to purchase more of what they need through the help of voice in the future.

In response, brands are integrating this voice feature with the help of leading web developer in Dubai to optimize search results to include snippets as 40% of voice results are extracted out from the voice searches engine result snippets.

So, feature snippets, are one of the proven ways to win the voice search wars.

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#2 Marketers Aim New Devices and Channels

Popularly known as smart TVs and audios will come out as two new hotbeds for advertisers. While social platforms like Facebook and Instagram still remain the bread and butter, except prominent growth in ad dollars targeting clients who are streaming television or music services.

As per the Trade Desk, a programmatic advertising platform illustrates the momentum of new devices and channels inching towards 2020. In 2019, on Black Friday, the company stated that smart TV became an important digital media device for marketers, with audio following the trend.

So, it is expected for brands to maximize bid on high quality streaming ad inventory as part of a well rounded omnichannel approach in 2020 and beyond.

The trend is followed to stretch to the middle of the decade when you consider the many new streaming entrants accompanied by expected growth in Connected TV purchases.

#3 Automation Powers Productivity

Businesses are increasingly planning to put operations on Autopilot in the near future. Especially, “Automation” as it will prove beneficial to brands bolstering internationally that are in the utter need of operating multiple stores and bigger inventory with fulfilment networks.

Taking the even out, international businesses ship to 31 countries and many brands are maximizing the use of e-commerce automation to scale rapidly and more efficiently.

Ecommerce Automation

Switching to e-commerce automation eradicate many of the manual, repetitive, and time-gushing tasks that minimize productivity.

So, aligning with best Ecommerce development company help you in streamlining cross-border commerce, dwindling the chances of human error in handling multiple stores, and simultaneously providing the best-in-class shopping experience.

These three ways help automation powers productivity in the e-commerce store. Below are some examples for a better understanding:

  1. Standardize merchandising for discoverability.
  2. Automatic your next flash sale or price drop.
  3. Tag and segment clients for retention.
  4. Hassle-free tracking and reporting.
  5. Listing of new products on numerous channels.
  6. Find and cancel high-risk orders

Unskippable Note: E-commerce automation is safeguarding brands among the alarming threat: “Fraud”. Rather of manually cross-checking orders with the shopper’s purchase history to see if individual orders are valid, the leading e-commerce brands rely on automatic fraud protection integrated into their E-commerce platforms.

Also, automation holds the potential to prevent high-risk orders from being fulfilled and prevent expensive chargebacks.

Warehouse robotics

This is an advantage to the brands operating their own warehouse as it provides a lending hand in becoming more efficient by aligning with robotics and even cutting down the cost. Globally, there are more than 3,200 robot-enabled fulfilment centres.

The worldwide spending on robotic process automation (RPA) is predicted to reach$3 billion by 2022.

Artificial intelligence

Automation that manages itself with no human touch requires the highest level of machine learning to offer artificial intelligence replacing human intelligence. Businesses expect to spend big on AI-powered automation with expected expenditure to top $15.4 billion by the next year.


#4 Fresh Food Delivery Anytime Anywhere

2019 was a year for mobile apps. While 2020, is a step ahead in the E-commerce app development with outgrowing mobile app development landscape. And, when its time for promising e-commerce future trends, then how the food industry can be scorn?

Food delivery “meal-kits” is the new normal for many people. The demur is they are limited to Western countries like Germany, UK, Belgium, Canada, China, Switzerland and a lot more countries to the list.

So, nowadays more and more startups in this space, are upsurging and gratifying other locations. The emerging popularity in fresh food e-commerce platforms directs the rise of new startups and market expansion for the current players bringing these dining options that are currently not under any sheath.

So, it’s a boon for startups, SME’s, and entrepreneurs to hire E-commerce developers and craft a nook in the dynamically changing arena.

#5 A Touch Of Personal Customization Of Product Offering

Past many years, there was far less competition from manufacturers across the globe in most of the industries. In the present scenario, customization is becoming the norm in an increasingly competitive retail market.

Let’s take in count the fashion industry, in particular, is constantly evolving to meet changing client demands. One exciting example is Atoms, which recently collected $8.1 million by selling its shoes directly to customers through its e-commerce platform.

You must be thinking what’s unique about Atoms?

It is simply that it offers quarter sizes of each shoe. Conventionally, shoes have only been available in 1/2 sizes.

So, now you can see is this new size offering innovative or a novelty?

The answer doesn’t need to fit necessarily in the matter.

The essential takeaway is that this move is representative of the biggest trend of customization in e-commerce. With advancements in 3D printing, for example, it will be possible that all online orders in the near future can be entirely customized and be made on-demand on the customer order.


Predictions about tomorrow don’t come with probabilities and accurate timeline. But, similarly, the creative destruction taking place around retail landscape represent both – threats and opportunities, the likes of merchants have never witnessed before.

But, it’s not mandatory to seize every trend vying to rewrite 2020 and ahead. It’s more liable to partner with the leading e-commerce development company to draw the right trajectory for accomplishing unscalable heights.

Don’t forget one channel, device, or a revolutionary idea in commerce becomes obsolete, expecting another to swap its place with. After all, you can’t expect retail death loses its sting when merchants realize they can be reborn.

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