Top 10 Website re-design ideas you must need to know

Website re-design ideas you must need to know

Design is an important look and feels for a website, be it is a large or small-sized company. It can directly affect your conversion rate and visitors.

So, a website with a poor design needs to be re-designed by the professionals to attract its targeted customers and hold onto them in the site for a long time.

There are some signs and signals that will help you to understand when your website needs a redesign to boost your ROI.

You must plan a website redesign strategy to make your site more effective and attractive for its visitors in terms of looks, facilities, and services.

The re-design of an old website can be a challenge for you to consider all the useful content and other information you created before.

However, there are some effective website redesign ideas by the professionals you must need to know before remaking your website into the most modern one. So, here is a brief on what ideas you can have to redesign your website.

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  1. Competitor Analysis: To equip your website with the latest design and trendy looks you need to research your competitor’s website closely to get some fruitful ideas on the design. You just need to find out their strategy and goals. Yes, it may take some time to do it carefully, but once it is done you can have a clear picture of what to follow in your re-design work.
  2. Analyze your Old Website: With the research on the latest techniques and design on your competitor’s website, you also need to analyze your current website to find out what is working in it and what is not. Just check-out the bounce rate of your landing pages with Google Analytics. Keep your eyes on the new visitors and their activities on your website. You need to pay some extra attention and time to make this research work perfectly before you start your re-design works.
  3. Know your Priorities: Re-design is just not a matter of changing the looks of a website. You also need to understand the priority of your changes according to the conversion rate, visitors and product or service sales. You need to know your actual goals to achieve.
  4. Mark Your Audience: To make all your website redesign ideas work properly, you need to mark-out your targeted audience first and understand their demands and requirements from the digital market. You can follow websites or blogs of your various competitors and follow their activities in that segment. Your audience is the key to generating high revenue from your online business. So, selecting the perfect audience genre can be the perfect key to success.
  5. Strong Visual Elements and Features: People like to watch videos, illustrations, and images rather than boring text content. So, you need to design your website with eye-catching visual elements to make your visitors stay on your website for long. It will be a great idea if you can insert some real-time images and videos rather than downloading them from the internet. It will help your customers to relate to your website closely.
  6. Color Selection: Always try to use contrasting and bright colors to highlight the key features and areas of your website to draw additional attention to your viewers. Use a single color only to highlight the CTA (Call to Action) button to make it visible easily.
  7. Create Blog Section: We all love to read about the product or service before we invest our money on it. That is the main concept of creating a blog to let your targeted audience know about your business. Create a blog on your website and write about your company, products, services, new launches and more to keep your viewers busy while they are visiting your domain. A blog is also the easiest way to feed your website with valuable content regularly to achieve some search engine values to rank higher.
  8. Focus on Landing Page: While you are redesigning your website, always keep extra attention to build your landing page an attractive and informative one to catch the visitor’s attention. This page can convert your potential visitors to a valid customer. So, display all the best features, discounts and offers of your company on that particular page and place a big CTA button here to make them buy your product or service directly from the page.
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Right after finishing your redesigning work, shift your focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to up-list your website with new keywords in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is the key to bring the maximum visitors to your website regularly. So, you just need to focus on the keyword research to get to the top position. Write all the Meta details of your website according to the keyword research result to rank higher.
  10. Make it Mobile-friendly: If you search on the internet about website redesign tips, also 90% website will suggest you make your website mobile-friendly for your targeted users. As per a survey report, there are more than 70% of internet users who use their smartphone to do the entire internet related works nowadays. A smartphone is everything in today’s world and if you need to cope-up with the trend, then you must make your site mobile-friendly for your viewers.


The re-designing of a website is just a matter of giving it a new shape that is equipped with the latest style and features.

If you find some problems with your sales or visitors on your website, then you should go for a new design that will create a better-looking site and eye-catching designs featuring all the essential advantages for its visitors.

Therefore, mainly these are the top 10 re-design ideas for a website to make it better in terms of performance. Keep these points in your mind when you are planning to change your website design to give it a latest and trendy look you can alot work to best Website Design Company  .

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