Top 10 Marketing Automation Software of 2021

Marketing Automation Software

For any organisation’s success, efficient marketing is necessary. New trends in marketing emerge every day in this modern world.

One such trend is marketing automation software. In recent years, it has come to be one of the best digital marketing tools.

Because of this reason, so many SaaS providers have started rolling out their own software. But, you have to be careful when choosing an automation tool. Since the success of your products relies on it.

This blog’s purpose is to help you understand the common standards in automation. And how to choose the best marketing automation tools.

What is Marketing Automation

Understanding what automation is in the marketing industry will help you make the right choice. So, what is marketing automation? Simply put, it is the use of automation to advance through your marketing workflow. It saves a lot of your marketing team’s time and effort. It also reduces the cost spent on advertising the product, by suggesting cost-efficient methods.

General functions of marketing automation software:

With the use of this software you can:

  1. Automate repetitive tasks.
  2. Automatically create a list of potential leads and rank them.
  3. Automate report generation for your marketing strategy.
  4. Automate the lead nurturing process.
  5. Automatise promotional email creation and sending.

Whenever you look for a marketing tool, ensure that it has all these automation features.

Benefits of marketing automation:

Benefits of marketing automation:
  1. Increases the productivity of the marketing team.
  2. Quick retrieval of customer data.
  3. Boost customer satisfaction with prompt replies.
  4. Nurture quality leads.
  5. Maximise workflow efficiency.
  6. Track prospects’ activities on your website.
  7. Improves the coordination between sales and the marketing team.
  8. Boost lead conversion rate and ROI.

Top marketing automation software 2021

Nervous about selecting the right software solution? Worry not, we have compiled a list of the top 10 marketing software of 2021. In this list, you will find the best marketing tools available as of now.

1. PeppyBiz


PeppyBiz’s marketing automation software is one of the top-rated marketing tools. Our software comes with high-performance automation tools. Using them efficiently automates every part of your workflow. Our software comes packed with some of the best marketing features. Our tool is well-known for its affordability and versatility.

The following are some impressive features of our software:

  1. Track and rate customer actions.
  2. Send personalised and relevant emails.
  3. Turn your web traffic into sales.
  4. Track and rate customer actions.
  5. Automatically recommend products.
  6. Nurture new sign-ups.
  7. Close more sales.
  8. Foster engagement.

Apart from these unique functions, you also get email automation tools with our software. Allowing you to integrate with our CRM tool and other third-party software, it is truly an all-rounder.

2. NotifyVisitors


NotifyVisitors’ software is popular for its email automation features. It integrates sales automation, CRM and marketing automation in a single platform. Using this software promotes a healthy relationship between the marketing and the sales team. The following are some popular features of the software:

  • Email marketing.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Campaign management.
  • Marketing analytics.
  • Contact management.
  • Segmentation.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Customer engagement tracking.

They offer some of the best multichannel marketing tools for your business growth.

3. HubSpot


HubSpot’s marketing automation tool covers a lot of ground in marketing features. But, it is a popular name among the industries for its CRM capabilities. They offer email campaigning tools for quick set up. It also has a visual workflow builder. Enabling you to quickly create and edit workflows to optimise your marketing strategy.

Due to its price, it is not suitable for small-sized organisations. This software can effortlessly handle a lot of customer data. Hence, it suits well for large organisations.

4. Omnisend


Omnisend’s software makes the marketing journey of e-commerce merchants easier. It is specifically built for e-commerce. It has thousands of email templates, which you can use for your email marketing. Using multiple preset conditions, you can enable email automation for all your promotional emails.

The software automatically splits your customers based on the information received. You can drive sales without having to actually do the heavy lifting. It also has pre-built workflows you can use to fasten your workflow creation process. As the name suggests, the automation tools mainly focus on reaching prospects through various channels.


5. SendinBlue


Everyone owns a mobile phone. It can be anything from older basic models to newer android phones. Every mobile has SMS features. And this software helps you reach customers through SMS. It is clean software with no graphic clutter. It has email automation features and SMS autoresponder tools as well.

You can also establish your social media presence with the use of Facebook Ad creation tools. You can automate the process of replying to common customer queries too.

6. Keap


This is a marketing automation tool built especially for small organisations. It has all the basic tools required for marketing. But it cannot handle huge loads of tasks. Another drawback is the GUI. It is quite complex, making it difficult for new users to find their way around.

But, it is highly recommended for startups who want to experience email automation features. It also has pipeline automation features. Which is rare for software at a low price. The learning curve is a bit steep. Other than that, the software has everything your marketing team needs.


It is one of the most easy-to-use automation tools. Offering a cloud-based solution, it has everything your marketing team needs. By creating conditions and clauses, you can easily automate the entire marketing workflow. They specialise in delivering effective campaigns.

It offers social media managing tools with marketing software. You can easily understand the automation tools due to their user-friendly design.

8. MailChimp


Every marketing team has probably heard about MailChimp. They have several impressive automation tools to help implement effective marketing strategies. With this software, you do not have to schedule emails. The software finds the best time to deliver emails and sends them automatically.

Organisations use this software as an additional tool for their main marketing platform. The software’s complicated user-interface is by far the only drawback reported.

9. Autopilot


Autopilot’s marketing automation software is very simple and straightforward software. You can integrate with hundreds of other software, enhancing your lead’s journey. With all the necessary features, it is a useful platform that makes your routine marketing tasks easier.

Drag and drop features make this software a highly-customisable tool. It is well-known for its flexibility to suit all businesses. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a landing page builder.

10. Pardot


Pardot’s software comes equipped with marketing, sales and CRM tools. It offers impressive lead management services to quickly nurture leads. Using automation tools, the software gathers quality leads and keeps your pipeline engaged.

With the built-in AI assistant, the tool automatically does the following:

  • Lead scoring.
  • Behaviour scoring.
  • Campaign Insights.

It displays visual data of every workflow you ever create. So that you can easily identify any gaps in the workflow. Other than these features, it has the common features found in any marketing automation tool. The only drawback is the price. It is the costliest software listed here. But, it offers exciting features for the huge price tag.


Marketing automation is undoubtedly an essential part of any successful marketing team. When searching for software, always take a look at the latest statistics before deciding. Do not jump directly into the software just because the website is attractive. Read all the reviews from various websites and compare the features. Also, be sure that your marketing agenda matches the functions of the software.

All software listed here offers a free trial for their product. So, test the software that intrigues you, and make your decision accordingly. In 2021, automation is the smartest way to reach your prospects. So be smart and invest in automation to grow your business.


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