Things to Know Before You Choose the Custom Pallets

Things to Know Before You Choose the Custom Pallets

There are many pallet suppliers available online, and it is difficult to choose the best custom pallet supplier. First, you need to know why you choose a custom pallet. If you have goods that are not in a standard size, then you need to customize the pallets to accommodate your goods. You can also stack such custom pallets in your warehouse where limited space is available for storage. Plus, you can choose the best material for your pallets and you can customize your pallets with your brand name, product details, and other information. You can use such custom pallets for advertising your brand. 

You do not require custom pallets for standard-sized goods or products. So, make sure, you must check the measurement or size of your goods and then you can order for the custom pallet. Before you choose a supplier for a custom pallet, you must ask the following questions: 

How to Choose the Right Design for Your Goods? 

You need to design the custom pallets according to your needs. A custom pallet is mainly designed for hazardous, fragile, and sensitive goods, and they are quite heavy than other pallets. You need to choose pallets according to product weight. For example, you can design your pallets with hardwoods for heavy goods. If you want to transport sensitive and fragile materials, then you need to add extra layers of protection to your pallets. You can add additional padding in this regard. 

Asymmetrically shaped products are one of the common reasons to choose a custom pallet, and you must measure the products from all sides to design the pallets. You must consider the destination while you choose the pallets. If you want to ship your products to another country, then you need to choose pallets made with ISPM-15 stamp. 

What Kind of Transportation You Use? 

You must consider the mode of transportation while you choose the custom pallet. Will it travel by truck, train, or ship? You need to inform the same to the manufacturer and they can design your pallets accordingly. 

What Kind of Transportation You Use?

What Is the Capacity to Deliver? 

You need to ask the manufacturer or supplier about their capacity to deliver because you cannot stop your production for the unavailability of pallets. Manufacturers can delay their shipments for various reasons, such as labor problems, wood storage issues, or natural disasters. You must choose a supplier that has multiple outlets. They can deliver your pallets from different locations and you do not need to stop your shipment for their delay. 

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Are They Having Customer Service? 

Some suppliers can send their sales executives to your location and after placing the order, they will disappear. You cannot contact the supplier for further needs. So, you must choose a custom pallet supplier that has effective customer service. If you find any issue with their pallets, then you can call their customer services to lodge your complaint. Even, you can return their products free of cost and they will replace the same. 

Are They Having Customer Service?

What Is the Cost of Custom Pallets? 

This is the vital thing that you need to consider. The cost of the custom pallet depends on several things, such as the shipping distance that they need to cover, the design of the pallets, wood supply availability, and emergency delivery fees. You can ask for the quote from different suppliers and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.  


So now you can search for such suppliers online and choose the best quality custom pallets for your business. You must also check the license, insurance, certification, and reviews of the supplier. 


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