7 Best Themes for Your Outdoor Birthday Party Celebration!

themes for outdoor birthday party celebration

Are You Looking for Outdoor Themes for Birthday party celebration? Are you at right place.

There are many occasions that everyone wants to spend with enjoyment and happiness. One of such occasion is birthdays. Every year, birthday comes once and everyone waits for it for the whole year. Sometimes, the invitee list is too long to fit inside the house party thrown for birthdays.

For that particular case, an outdoor party is the best choice. There are many things that differ from the indoor parties. One of them is decoration. Decoration is initially the heart of the occasion or celebration which attracts the people first.

Here are some best themes for outdoor birthday party celebration.

best themes for outdoor birthday party celebration
  • Arts and Crafts

This particular theme includes varieties of things used for decoration. Anyone can use any prop and decorate the party in a DIY way.

This theme gives space to human beings and their creativity. If you want to keep it simple and beautiful, you can use paper cuttings and colors to decorate the party.

IF it is any other birthday party theme based party like a color or a movie or a cartoon character, you can bring in staffs related to those themes and do the decoration part. Balloons are one of the best art and craft decoration themes. They are colorful, look cheerful and have multipurpose uses.

  • Western

There are varieties of themes for the party decoration that are named after places. Western is one such theme that is found or named after the Occident civilization etiquette. Western theme mainly has a lot of lights, sounds and specific dress codes.

One is not supposed to wear an ethnic tradition al dress while attending a Western birthday party. It is very much related to the disco theme parties with disco balls, shimmers and sequins.

This particular theme is very famous for teenage birthday parties. This is one such decoration of the party that is completed with the cocktails and snacks as beverages.

  • Croquet

A croquet party is a decent way to celebrate the milestone event of the person’s life, his/her birthday. It is the best afternoon party ever.

It is very much complete with the finger licking elegant and tasty foods with iced tea and lemonade to start with. You can prepare a dress theme for the guests so that it brings a rhythm to the celebration. It can be a dress color or a dress type that the guests might arrive in.

As there will be guests and no music, make sure you arrange a lot of games to keep the invitees entertained. You can get the online cake delivery to USA for this occasion to make more special for the specific person.

  • Oriental Themed Party

Oriental themed party is just opposite to Western parties. This theme includes varieties of choices for the food, dress, ambiance, decoration but of ethnic and traditional ways. For example, the guests are requested to wear ethnic attire. The music will be soft and melodious.

The food would be indigenous and traditional. This theme party is perfect for a house party or a birthday party of an aged person. Such a theme party is very common and brings in the classic touch to the celebration.

  • Flowers and Garden

An outdoor party is best decorated with greens and colors. Garden and flower theme is one such theme that can be applied to any party anywhere. This decoration idea is best to celebrate a global environment and green parties.

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Here with the decorating props being natural, one can use the other necessary things natural as well. For example, plastic would be totally banned from this themed party.

This is how we can actually grow a greener, safer and cleaner atmosphere even when we are celebrating.  You can send birthday gifts to USA relating to this theme of the party as well.

  • Outdoor Movie

A movie themed party is an amazing choice of relaxing birthday party. As the party is to be arranged outside the house, or at the back lawn of the house, one can prepare a giant screen with white screen and use a projector to make an open theatre or an amphitheatre feeling or ambiance.

This is best when the party is between friends of same age. Such a homogenous party will make it easy to choose a movie to play which is everyone’s favorite in the party.

  • Sports

A party is hardly a place where there is no fun. Fun and happiness is the key of celebration. And to keep all the people entertained throughout the whole party, some amusement plans are very important.

One can arrange for various games to keep the invitees engaged to the essence of the party. If the back lawn is big enough, then one can plan for a sports day as well to make the guests remember about their childhood school days.

Be it indoor or outdoor- a party needs to feel like a party. Above are the best ways of celebrating birthday parties of your or your beloved outside the hall.


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