Surprising Health Benefits of Drumming

Health Benefits of Drumming

Drumming is known to be the oldest friend of mankind, dating back to when humans started learning to understand rhythm.

You can call it kind of an exercise if you must that offers an experience where one feels linked with oneself, to release, restore, and heal.

It guides us towards the intuitive interaction between soul and mind and thus restores healing effects.

The feeling of relaxation comes when you feel connected with people in similar situations. Drumming is a universal language where all people must participate, free from all the worldly affairs and receive life with all heart.

Current studies have divulged that drumming provides deep relaxation, maintains blood pressure, releases emotional stress and gives a feeling of joy and well being.

Drumming is basically an excellent way to enhance physical and psychological healing, to boost the immune system, to release feel-good hormones and all drummer jokes aside- it can make you a smart person.

Health Benefits of Drumming

Drumming: A Natural Remedial Approach

Many studies have illustrated the calming, focusing and restoring effects of drumming on patients who have Alzheimer, autistic kids, emotionally unstable teenagers, alcoholics, trauma patients, etc.

Not just that, recent researches have shown that drumming has many positive effects on anxiety-ridden patients, stressed, fatigued, asthmatics, or have chronic pain, migraine, cancer, etc. 

Relieves Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have various adverse effects on quality of life. Drumming can offer relief from pain and grievances and offers a better experience.

Besides, drumming surges up the secretion of endorphin and endogenous hormones present in the nervous system. These opiates act as body’s morphine-like painkillers and thus control pain.

Improves Immune System

Many medical researches indicate that drumming is one of the best activities to boost the immune system.

It is already revealed in studies that drumming increases the amount of cancer killing cells in our body. Thus, it helps us to fight against cancer and various other deadly viruses.

Induces Synchronous Brain Activity

One of the many reasons that drumming is a reliable tool is that it permeates the entire brain. Vision, hearing, smelling, sense of touch are all controlled by the brain, and thus, it is mandatory that our brain should work perfectly fine.

The rhythm of drumming can help retain the mind after a stroke or other neurological damage.

Studies have demonstrated that the logical left hemisphere and the intuitive right hemisphere of the brain are synchronized by physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the mind.

Drumming helps in synchronization of frontal and lower areas of the brain and promotes the feeling of understanding, feeling of insight, certainty, and other religious and cultural insights.

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Drumming: Therapeutic Approach and Induction of Altered State

Drumming has been used as a therapeutic since the beginning of time. The latest study shows that this musical therapy does not only reduce tension, anxiety, and depression, but also flushes out all negative vibes, blockages, and emotional traumas. Moreover, it acts as a distraction against chronic pains.

If we talk about medieval times, shamans used drumming as a means of reaching an altered- a state of the body where they could connect with the spiritual dimension. Drumming helped them to shift from beta waves to alpha waves.

Drumming is an easy yet very effective way to affect states of minds.

Emotional Stability

The rhythmic vibrations of drumming rejuvenate every cell of our body and help in releasing any negative feeling or emotional blockages. The physical stimulation of drumming allows people to express and address any psychological problem they are facing.

Drumming works on self-expression and teaches an individual how to address issues of violence and conflicts through the integration of emotions.

It is also an excellent instrument for musicians and composers to express their feelings and emotions about something with an open heart.

A New Form of Cardio

When it collaborates with cardio, drumming offers innumerable health benefits. It is surprisingly more effective than your average aerobic classes. Drumming involves the consistent movement of the upper and lower body, which is the prime motive of cardio exercises.

Furthermore, various distinct studies have revealed that drumming reduces stress. We all know that stress is the evil of all evils as it invites other life-threatening diseases along with it. But it is observed that drumming serves as a distraction from all the stress and depression.

Wrapping up

Drumming, lo and behold, is a perfect recreational activity with numerous health benefits. If you are a lover or generally a fitness freak, you can rent it at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for discounts, buy during festival season. You may find some great deals on the drum kit for sale, and chances are you may get 30-50% discount on the market price.

And if you are lucky enough, you can also reach out for a good-conditioned second-hand drummer set and enjoy its marvelous health benefits.

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