Summer Health Tips for Students, Kids and Senior to keep you healthy during summers

Summer Health Tips

Ways to Stay Healthy this Summer

It is summer time! Not only children, people of all ages confront certain health dangers during summers but seniors and kids are more prone to those dangers. Staying hydrated is one of the best summer health tips for everybody.

As humidity and temperature go up, the danger of heat-related illnesses also increases. Listed below would be summer health tips for everyone that is going to keep you healthy during summers.

Consuming the Proper fluids

Consuming the Proper fluids

  1. Drink water regularly: Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. Our body consists of 75 percent water. We are in need of water to remain healthy and fit. So drink water frequently at times throughout the day, particularly when you are outdoors.
  2. Drink coconut oil: Coconut water is full of electrolytes and is excellent for your well being in summers. It’s a superb choice to water on hot days.
  3. Drink diluted fruit juice: Darin diluted fruit juices from summers to beat the heat. Always choose 100% natural fruit juices with no extra sugar. Avoid juices with artificial sweeteners since they are not good for hydration.
  4. It’ll make your glass of plain water refreshing. You can even add some fruit like orange or other fruit to improve the taste of water.
  5. Prevent energy beverages: Anything packed in sugar simply dehydrates your body, so avoid beverages like energy drinks. Actually these can be harmful in summer heat.

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Planning forward

  1. Eat fruits and veggies: veggies and berries are rich in water and eating lots of them are going to allow you to stay hydrated.
  2. Carry a reusable water bottle: Individuals who eat more fluids each day can keep themselves hydrated in summers. Stay away from plastic bottles. Avoid using disposable bottles as they are hard to clean which can result in bacteria growth.
  3. Wear cotton clothing: Excessive sweating may lead to dehydration. So wear right clothes which could help you remain cool during heat.

These are a few very simple summer health tips that everybody should follow. Kids and seniors require extra care.

Summer health tips for Students and kids

Summer health tips for Students and kids

  • Give your child with water bottle: As most of us know that staying hydrated is vital in summers, constantly provide your kids with water bottle during summer time while they’re going out. Water flushes out toxins in the body, so it should be consumed regularly in sufficient amount
  • Give your child fresh lemon or juices water: Parents must offer coconut water, fresh juice or lemon juice as refreshment to the children. Besides keeping them hydrated, these juices may keep them energized
  • Wear light shade clothing: Provide garments of lighter shades to kids as they reflect heat better and keep them cool during summers. White clothes are best for summers
  • Sunscreen cover: Always apply sunscreen cream into the face whenever children move outside in the sun to play. Sunscreen will protect them from harmful UV rays. These fruits have antioxidant properties that will keep your kids hydrated
  • Keep kids out of mid-day sun: Try to keep your children away from direct sunlight especially during peak hours from 12 noon to 4 PM. Engage them in indoor activities in this time. Day times would be best for playing outdoor games.

Like kids, seniors also require more care during summers as they are at high risk of heat related problems.

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Below conditions raise health risks in aged people.

  • Heart, lung and kidney ailments
  • Poor blood flow and inefficient working of perspiration glands
  • High blood pressure
  • Consumption of alcohol

Summer Health Tips for Seniors as We Prepare Summers.

  • Attempt to avoid such drinks in summer if at all possible. Plain or flavored water is a fantastic substitute to these drinks
  • Wear loose clothing: Avoid wearing tight clothes during summer season and opt for loose and light colored clothing. Dark colors attract more heat, so avoid tight fitted clothing
  • Sun block: Apply a sunscreen lotion always for your skin whilst moving out in sunlight
  • Stay indoors during peak hours: In intense heat and humidity, evaporation process slows down and body needs to work more to stay at ordinary temperature. If you do not have air conditioner in your home, use fan or cooler
  • Avoid outdoor heat: when you have an urgent work and need to go outdoors then don’t drive the vehicle, call a cab or any transportation service. Use public transports rather than riding a motor bicycle
  • Know the symptoms of heat stroke: consult a doctor if you are feeling as flushed face, higher body temperature, nausea, rapid pulse, nausea and dizziness
  • Maintain the inside temperature of house trendy: Inside temperature of your house shouldn’t exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Use air conditioner to regulate the temperature

Take proper precautions if you’re inside or outside of your home in summers.

You should be aware of the way the body responds to heat and humidity. You should take appropriate care to prevent heat stroke and sun stroke through summers.

Some Summer Health Drinks

  • Aam Panna

An absolute lip-smacking drink that is mostly popular in Maharashtra is made with our favorite king of fruits- mango. This refreshing summer drink is prepared using mango pulp and mixed together with cumin, jeera and mint leaves. This drink doesn’t just keep you refreshed but additionally energized through sunny days.

  • Cucumber Water

If you follow the Beauty Detox program, you start daily with hot water , and perhaps drink more lemon water through the day. This is a different spin on our daily citrus-flavored water. Cucumber is a highly effective beauty food, and also this refreshing beverage infuses water with all the taste of cucumber. Cucumbers are high in essential vitamins A, C, and B6, in addition to folic acid. Best, the drink is super easy to make and really yummy!

  1. medium cucumber, cleaned and cut into 1/2 inch slices
  2. quarts of pure water
  3. Combine cucumber and water in a large pitcher and allow to sit for one hour or more. Serve cool.
  • Jaljeera

Jaljeera is made with jeera and water. The cumin seeds or jeera is roasted and made into powder and mixed in water. This remedy is most effective for individuals dealing with digestion issues, particularly during summers. Gulp down a chilled glass of jaljeera and endure summers such as never before.

  • Iced Rooibos Mint Tea

Rooibos tea is packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, therefore it promotes youthfulness and great skin. Over a little ice with lemon and mint, it is a refreshing and salty summer beverage.

Pour water , teabags and mint leaves and steep, stirring occasionally, until liquid cools. Serve cool or above a little bit of ice.

  • Sattu Sharbat

What is much better than just bringing a desi summer drink to your rescue? Sattu sharbat is one Summer dish from Bihar that keeps the body cool even during the sunniest day. It’s made out of sattu flour, sugar and water; that’s all it requires. It’s not only refreshing but also filling. Following is a refreshing recipe of sattu sharbat which you’ll surely fall in love with.

  • Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is used as a natural remedy to a host of issues . It makes for a power drink and helps build up plasma and body fluids, so helping you counter dehydration and dullness. Adding mint leaves to the juice is only going to help enhance the flavor of your summertime drink.

  • Buttermilk (Chaas)

Buttermilk or popularly called chaas is an wonderful curd-based drink that is definitely an Indian favorite. Chaas is a digestive, and the addition of spices like jeera only enhances the benefits it has to offer.

  • Lassi

What is better than the Punjabi lassi? This smooth and creamy yogurt established refreshment is considered to be an remarkable summer cooler. The best part is, you can easily add several variants for this, from classic to avocado, mint, mango to banana walnut lassi and much more. If you haven’t tried any of these however, fret not.

Follow the above summer health tips for Students, kids and seniors to remain hydrated and cool during warm summer season.


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