Strengthen your Blog via Marketing and Increase Traffic for free

Strengthen your Blog via Marketing and Increase Traffic for free

Do you have a blog? Do you want it to be amongst the top blogs in your niche? Then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will talk about some easy tips that will help you market your blog in the right manner.

Let’s begin to Increase Blog Traffic for free

The blog should be easy to use

Having a blog that is easy to use and understand is crucial. It is because no user will use a website that is not easy to navigate or uses complex language or layout. Here are some tips:

  • The layout should be easy:  The layout of your website should be such that the user can easily understand it and use it. Keep yourself in the place of the users and then think if the blog appeals to you or is easy for you to use. If no, time to change the design.
  • Navigation: The blog‘s navigation should be easy to understand and use. Also, its content should be relatable with the website’s content as a whole.
  • Search box: should be visible so that users can find the content easily.
  • Optimized for mobile: Most people search for a blog and other things on the internet using a mobile. Also, it is a ranking factor for Google, so make sure your blog is mobile friendly.

Site’s speed matters

If your blog is slow to load, your bounce rate will increase as people don’t like slow pages. Neither does search engines for that matter.

Google has made page speed a ranking factor so, improving your speed should be on your priority list. PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom are two tools that can help you analyze your blog’ speed and improve it.

Also, check your server if you still have a speed problem after sorting all other issues like image size reduction and so on.

The content of the blog should be mind-blowing

You are writing a blog so its content is of optimal importance. You cannot write just about anything. The content should be relevant, informative, and must keep your readers engaged and satisfied.

Also, blog writing is not only about showing your writing talents. It is about helping your readers grow and solving their problems.

It is also about creating awareness about your brand. To do that you need to create quality content, which is fresh and new, and provides value to the users.

Here are some tips:

  • Personalize it: When writing a blog on creative things or a product, make it personal. Tell them a short story or give them an example of how it helped you.
  • Tone matters: As a blog writer, you have to find a balance between formal and informal tone.
  • Experiment with the content: Don’t provide only one type of content to your users, it will bore them. Try every variety like tutorials, videos, reviews, and so on your niche. After that, you can see which type works for you best, and use it the most.
  • Visuals: Is an important part of your blog. So, use original and edited images that are relevant to the article. Canva is a great tool for editing or creating your own graphics.

Headlines: should be strong as most people won’t click if they don’t like the headline of the blog.

Don’t forget SEO

If you want users to find your content, you have to optimize the blog for search engines. You can hire an SEO team to do this as it is extremely important for a page to get organic traffic and higher ranking. Some tips:

  • Meta title and descriptions: Always add a meta description as it helps people get the gist of your page. Include keywords in it. The same goes for Meta title.
  • Insert keywords in your title: Your title and subheadings must have one or two keywords.
  • Inter-linking: Link your post to your older posts if relevant
  • Back-links: Link your page’s content to other authentic and big website that is relevant to your site.
  • Alt tags: Add alt tags to your images and describe them accurately.
  • Short URLs: The URL of our page must be short and descriptive of its content.

These are only a few SEO tips, there are tons more, but these will get you started.

Be on social media

Social media presence for a blogger is critical as it is an effective and quick way of getting popular. Half the population is on social media, so if you want more exposure and global reach, make a social media account. Some tips:

  • Use content that is relevant to your brand while posting on social media. Also, provide blog link in the bio of the page.
  • Post frequently and the post quality should be optimal.
  • Interact with your followers through comments so as to build a loyal community.
  • Use hashtags
  • Use original content and user-generated content.

I hope these marketing tips will help your blog and it will be amongst the top blogs soon. Did I miss any important tip? Let me know in the comments below.

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