Strategies To Increase Instagram Following With Fair Share Of SEO Into It

Strategies To Increase Instagram Following

Instagram started its journey in 2010 as a visual app for storytelling. This place gives you the opportunity to share photos and videos regarding your daily life and almost anything you want.

Your followers will come to know more about what’s going on in your life through this app. But, during the initial stages, businessmen never thought that they might ever use IG as the platform for growing their brand.

At this current moment, with the present standing in hand, Instagram is more than your basic photo-sharing app. With over 1 billion monthly active users, businesses are working fast to create an account over here.

Link up social media accounts:

Now, to help your business grow to another level, it is mandatory that you get Instagram followers now. There are some strategies available, which will help in growing the present IG followers you have to an all-new level. There are SEO strategies waiting for you on that.

  • You have to link your account with other social media accounts. Remember to check if your IG profile has been set up properly or not.
  • Apart from adding name and the link of website and even a brief description of your business, you can link the IG account to some other social media accounts.
  • This is a great way to let others know about your profile’s existence. You will even come to learn about other friends and competitors using this platform, in the same way.

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Add IG tab on the FB page:

Most of the businessmen out there are using Facebook as yet another platform to share their working abilities with the world. So, they have their professional FB page, which you can easily integrate right into their very own IG tab.

  • First click on the link, which will redirect you to visit the FB page of the company, and learn more about the firm.
  • When the IG account has been authorized to have access to FB, there is a tab of the IG account that you might create.
  • This is one proven way to drive FB fans to IG profiles. You have a whole new bunch of people on FB friend list. Once they come to learn about your IG profile, they will surely start following you over there, which in turn, helps in the growth of your IG account now.

Make sure your IG gets feed to other social profiles:

If you can feed the IG images to Twitter and Facebook, there are high chances of you to drive users back to IG profile. Some users may not realize that you have an IG account, but they have been following you on Twitter or FB.

If you mention your IG like over those channels once, they will know about your existence on Instagram, and will immediately add you over there.

There are so many ways to address IG followers and grow the current base you have. The following points mentioned above are a few of those lots to follow.

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