Routines for the New Normal: Virtual Coffee Breaks

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How do you like your coffee? Black, maybe? With a dollop of cream and sugar? Or do you prefer it on a coffee break

It’s not a secret that coffee breaks have become a crucial part of office culture. An ideal time to take a breather, enjoy your coffee and socialize with your colleagues. Whether you drink it in an office or a café across from the office – that doesn’t matter, what matters is the coffee beak itself.

Unfortunately, exactly one year ago our lives stopped, we stopped going to an actual office and we stopped enjoying these coffee breaks where we used to socialize over a cup of coffee.

However, that shouldn’t stop us from organizing and attending coffee breaks, that is virtual coffee breaks. 

If you want to recreate coffee breaks you had at your office, check out how you can easily do that virtually. Are you interested in a virtual coffee break yet?

Why are coffee breaks important

Let’s get this thing out of the way first – during a workday, coffee breaks or breaks in general, are highly important.

These breaks help us recover from stress, help us improve our performance by restoring our energy levels. Breaks of any kind help us improve our creativity and productivity.

Apart from helping us concentrate on work better, breaks also serve as a way to connect with our colleagues and team members.

Coffee breaks are an ideal way to create bonds with our team members and to build stable relationships.

This is why coffee breaks are an essential part of any office or workplace.

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How to replicate coffee breaks virtually

Today, most of us work from home, and there is no indication yet of when we might go back to our offices. We are stuck at home doing work behind our computers and we all long for an opportunity to connect with our colleagues over a hot cup of coffee.

The good thing is that now we can, we just need to be creative. You can replicate coffee breaks with your team members virtually. What a better reason to create virtual events than some bonding time with your colleagues.

So, how to create a virtual coffee break? Here are some tips:

  • Schedule coffee breaks

Back in the office, coffee breaks used to be spontaneous. When you feel like you need a break, you’d get up grab two cups of coffee, and take it to one of your team members or vice versa. And soon the rest of them would follow. Something along these lines would usually happen in most offices. 

Today, however, spontaneity has become a luxury but we can still find other ways to connect with our colleagues. Each workday, schedule a regular coffee break. Ask your colleagues, what’s the best time to make a coffee break and then organize them every day at the same time, so that no one will forget them. 

If you want to go a step further, you can send them a text or mail, reminding them that the coffee break will be in 15 or 20 minutes, so that they can get ready.

  • Have a dress code

Since we don’t really have the opportunity to go anywhere, we also rarely have the opportunity to dress up. We spend our days in comfortable, casual clothes such as sweats and more sweats.

To make things interesting and to finally get the opportunity to dress something else besides the uniform of sweatshirt and sweat pants, implement a dress code for your coffee breaks.

One day make your coffee event preppy, the other make sure everyone is business casual, and so on. Ladies, you can finally put on some makeup. Make these virtual coffee breaks interesting and different. 

  • Lay down some ground rules

As the purpose of the coffee breaks is to allow you some much-needed rest and relaxation as well as to connect and bond with your colleagues, you need to lay down some ground rules. 

For example, don’t let anything distract you from your coffee break. This means, that you should put away your cellphone, turn off the TV, and simply enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting with your team members. 

Don’t talk about anything work-related. Since this isn’t a work meeting, but a casual gathering of colleagues, you shouldn’t talk about work. So, stay away from any work-related topics.

Get away from your workspace. Find a place where you feel the most relaxed and have your virtual meeting there. Sitting at your work desk will not help you relax, even with the cup of coffee in your hand.

  • Food and drinks

Nothing is stopping you from making these virtual coffee breaks similar to those you had back in the office. This implies that apart from the coffee, you can get some snacks or food you’d eat in the office.

Of course, things will be different than in the office, you’re not actually in the same room as your colleagues, but it’s the thought that matters. You are sharing a cup of coffee together, munching on some snacks, and keeping the conversation casual.

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Benefits of virtual coffee breaks

In these crazy times that we’re living in, just a short virtual coffee break with colleagues can have so many benefits. 

The circumstances have made us all into recluses, distanced from all social contacts. A virtual coffee break can help us make much-needed social interactions. Apart from coffee breaks, we can also organize different kinds of virtual events – team-building meetings, lunches, game nights, and so on.  

These virtual social interactions are what helps us stay mentally healthy during the pandemic. Through these virtual events we can support each other in these difficult times, we can boost each other’s morale, strengthen relationships and simply keep each other company. They help us stay connected even when social distancing is required.

In addition to keeping us all connected, these virtual events also make our days interesting and less boring. Working from home can make all your days look the same, and these virtual meetings are what will make them a bit different. 

Now that you know all the benefits of coffee breaks, make sure you schedule one with your colleagues immediately. Just as coffee breaks were a ritual in the office, they can become so when working at home as well. 

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