Round the Clock Dementia Care for your Seniors

Do not worry about round-the-clock dementia care for your seniors

Do not worry about round-the-clock dementia care for your seniors

The moment we hear that someone has been diagnosed with dementia, the first thought that crosses our minds in the amount of hospice and care that will be required by the patient. If the patient is a senior it becomes all the more challenging as they are already symptomized with obstacles that are usually faced with the coming of old age.

You worry about juggling all the balls at once and are also wary about hiring dementia and Alzheimer’s specialist due to several horror stories floating around. In this article, you will be able to read how round-the-clock dementia care for your seniors can improve the quality of their lives and yours as well.

Care from Dementia and Alzheimer’s specialist can prove to be life-changing for the patient

Hiring skilled personnel at the correct point throughout the progression of the disease is essential to maintain a smooth course of treatment. Once you hire them, you will be able to experience the efficiency of these aides and realize that all your fears regarding dementia care for the elderly were futile. All you need to do is maintain a plan of action for all the stages of dementia and take the necessary steps as and when required.

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Identification of the severity of the disease can lead you seeking appropriate assistance

Dementia progresses from mild to moderate to severe stages gradually. No amount of medications have been able to prevent the progression to date. Correctly identifying the stages of the patient can help you to provide them with the care necessary.

While the senior is in the mild phase of dementia, they might experience trivial symptoms like being unable to remember names or incidents and have a problem processing new information. These don’t sound terrible and we are usually able to handle them ourselves.

But as the seniors graduated from mild to the moderate stage they become much more agitated as they begin to lose control of their routine. This is where you can help them out by hiring round the clock dementia care for the elderly.

Round-the-clock specialists can develop a bond with the patient

Eighty percent of dementia patients are diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. Hiring dementia and Alzheimer’s specialists round-the-clock ensures that the senior interacts with the same caregiver daily which is not possible in nursing facilities as the shifts of nurses keep changing.

The patient can develop a bond with them this way and will cooperate with the caregivers. The seniors need to trust the help as their memories are unreliable and they can get aggressive easily.

Trained and skilled caregivers

You can be assured that if you choose the right home care service providers, the employees will be thoroughly trained for providing care to patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

This training includes having a deep knowledge about the disease, having appropriate communication and behavioral skills, ‘senior-proofing’ the house, medication management and performing emergency procedures.

The service providers ensure such specialized training to minimize cognitive and behavioral symptoms and encourage engagement as well as entertainment.

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Cost-efficient services

If you have considered the option of enlisting your senior in any nursing facility or assisted living centers, you might have experienced the state of the environment first hand during your visit to the facility.

No matter how welcoming the faces on the brochure appear there is a cold and distant aura in these facilities and these shabby services do not come cheap. When you compare these living standards to ones the seniors will have at their own homes with well-trained dementia and Alzheimer’s specialists you deduce that this option is much more cost-efficient and provides a greater value for money.

Lastly, this kind of dementia care for the elderly allows them to grow old in their homes – their safe havens.

The seniors are known to respond well and heal better when they stay in familiar surroundings. With in-home dementia and Alzheimer’s specialists giving tailor-made care to the patients, the quality of life for them becomes immensely better.

Caring for patients with such ailments comes with its risks and challenges. Having some trained professionals around can turn your homes into safe havens for both you and your seniors. The caregivers can ensure that the seniors look and feel at their best with the sense of independence and dignity in the security of their homes.


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