Best Roku Channels to Watch Free Movies Online

Roku is a streaming channel which allows you to watch free (ad-supported), live, and premium content on TV via the Internet. Watch an ever-changing selection of hit movies, TV shows, 24/7 live news, sports and popular kids’ movies – all totally free.

With over 5,000 channels and apps, Roku provides access to the most comprehensive selection of online content to watch. Most users stick with the most popular, well-known offerings, like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, etc.

But if you are sticking with those obvious choices, you may be missing out on some great content from lesser-known providers.

Best Roku Channels you should consider:

#Pluto TV

This TV provides access to over 100 free sources of news, sports, TV shows, music, and over 1000 movies that you can add via the Roku Channel Store.

Channel categories include news, sports (including boxing and wrestling), comedy, gaming, and even music and radio.

Even this also has a 4K channel (provided you have a compatible Roku device and TV). You can scroll through the categories and select what you want to see or hear.

Since the selections and movies are free, most of them feature ads.

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#Tubi TV

This ad-supported network doesn’t have original content, instead of focusing on its massive library of over 7,400 TV shows and movies.

This offers action films, comedy, documentary, drama, and horror, as well as foreign movies, movies for kids and more.

While many services feature mostly direct-to-video films and old shows, Tubi puts award-winning films and series in your reach.

The onscreen menu of this TV looks similar to Netflix menu – including a “continue watching” option that allows you to pick up where you left off if your program is interrupted. If there were an ad-free option, we’d subscribe.


One of the leading anime streaming services in America, which you can download for free via the channel store.

Once installed, you have the option of watching their basic service free or go for either the premium or premium plus subscription services.

The basic service allows free users to stream the entire catalogue in standard definition with limited ads. While the premium option provides you to watch ad-free HD streams, premium plus enhance with discounts on products sold on the store and VIP access to Japanese anime and TV shows just minutes after they go on-air. If you are not sure which program option is right for you, take the 14-day free trial.


On this channel, you’ll find access to predefined video categories and can search for videos without signing into your YouTube account.

But for the best YouTube experience, you will have to link your device to your account which is a two-step process that requires you to enter codes shown in the Roku channel on YouTube websites.

After linking, you’ll have access to all of your playlists, subscriptions, favourite videos, watch later videos, and history of videos that you have watched within the channel.

#Cartoon Network

This is the latest network to launch its own app for the Roku platform. Here you will find all of the episodes available for streaming, including a host of Regular Show, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, and your other favorite Cartoon Network shows.

To fully unlock its library you need a cable subscription, but there’s plenty of content to watch for free as well. It may not be a complete package, but when you’re streaming on a budget, it’s enough.


Sony’s Crackle offers full-length movies, music documentaries, anime and another programming. This is an ad-supported service that features plenty of big Hollywood blockbusters and excellent TV series.

Along with classics like Talladega Nights and The Karate Kid, Crackle has started to become involved in the original programming.

Movies are listed under six genres: action, comedy, horror, crime, sci-fi and thriller. The Crackle menu also includes “featured” categories where you can scroll through all movies, all TV shows, all music, all originals, or all anime.

Crackle also offers preloaded watch lists, including Extraordinary Valor, Road Trips and Beautiful Assassins. You can also create your own watch lists by adding videos to your queue from within the Roku channel.

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