Reasons Why the Fashionable and Modern Woman Must Wear a Seiko Watch

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With more than 100 years of Japanese excellence and experience in watch making, Seiko is very much synonymous with craftsmanship, reliability, and quality. With over 50 years of dominating presence in Singapore, it’s not at all surprising that in August 2019, Seiko has opted to launch its flagship store or boutique in Takashimaya which is at Ngee Ann City.

Seiko today boasts of a stylish and premium store concept just right for watch aficionados from Singapore and other countries to explore, enjoy and experience all aspects of luxury watches right from heritage to craftsmanship to design. In the case, you didn’t know Seiko has an illustrious and far more established horological history and culture. A watch is the essence of a stylish woman. You could make a fashion statement with a chic or a classic watch.


All Seiko Lukia watches are made functional in each lady’s lives. This is a direct result of the mind-blowing detail of these watches estimating the most precise time development wherein a lady would not run out any timetable on her day by day workday.

In addition, all Seiko Lukia models are totally outfitted with a scratch-safe precious crystal completion in which you don’t need to stress over the everyday mileage it might endure. You likewise don’t need to stress over its upkeep since it’s sturdy in some random time.

Boost Your Overall Self-Confidence & Personality

A watch is fundamentally used for aiding you in telling the right time anywhere and everywhere irrespective of whatever you are doing. A top-quality watch is a must-wear accessory for the modern multi-faceted women of today. A wristwatch must look perfect and truly mind-blowing whenever you flaunt it. This is precisely the reason why Seiko Singapore watches has crafted with care the Seiko Lukia that looks amazing in the wrists of beautiful women of substance. These watches are known for their elegance, polished, and sleek look that boosts the overall self-confidence that helps you face a challenging day with ease, élan, and charm.

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True Hallmark of the Contemporary Asian Woman

The Seiko Collection of watches are meant for women known for their personality and diversified quality. When a woman flaunts a Seiko watch, she would automatically be regarded as a modern, stylish, and distinguished Asian woman oozing with wit, intellect, and positivity. A Seiko timepiece is the true emblem of a charismatic and confident Asian woman.

Designs and Colors Galore

Seiko watches come in amazing designs and colors that add a whole new dimension to your personality and looks. These watches come in a broad spectrum of attractive and vibrant colors such as silver, gold, rose, and pink. These colors demonstrate the real simplicity and elegance of every successful woman in the contemporary world. Women could choose the color that best suits their unique personality and lifestyle. The Seiko Lukia model would be featuring a bezel that could be in rose gold color or cherry blossom. These watches in amazing colors are known for exuding total femininity.

The brilliant color combination of Seiko watches would add an elegant and romantic touch to the woman who wears it. These beautiful watches have a shiny band, a colorful face, or even some playful fonts in terms of the numbers on the dial.

You would surely make a fashion statement wherever you go and win a million hearts.

Asian Icon or Celebrity as Brand Ambassadress

We have witnessed that several hottest Hollywood celebrities and stars have been endorsing for diverse signature watches. We understand that the Seiko Lukia watches seem to be endorsed by Ariel Lin, a highly-empowered woman.

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As per, the specific type of watch you wear becomes automatically an integral part of your personality and identity. Just like handbags, we know that watches are high-impact visual symbols of identity, status, and association. The right watch could help in defining a woman’s true identity.

In a perfect world, picking the correct watch which characterizes the genuine personality of a woman regards a great deal of difficult work and thought to realize that each lady is quick to each watch subtleties. Additionally, most women needed to be viewed as a lady brimming with certainty and self-control.

All things considered, with the most convincing reasons spread out above why Seiko Lukia is an amazing decision of a wristwatch for women, your possibility of making a woman glad and satisfied will doubtlessly be easy.


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