Reasons to opt Magento E-commerce platform

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According to Similar Tech, 142,217 websites are empowered by Magento. It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, which has the ability to meet with the start-up and large enterprises E-store business requirements.

However, most of the e-commerce developers prefer Magento to launch their online store as it offers extensive features such as easy check out method, shipping information, users enable to track the real-time location of the orders.

Why you should opt for the Magento E-commerce Platform?

Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform that turns it free to download, and everyone can use it. Open source feature helps businesses as they don’t have to pay for the premium features to use the platform. It also offers the support of the huge community of developers.

Mobile Friendly

Magento-based websites are highly responsive to mobile phones. Enterprises don’t have to invest in the mobile application development process as Magento websites are friendly with mobile versions also. It helps to stay connected with the customers and they can visit your E-store anytime and from anywhere.


This e-commerce platform is fully secured with the advanced and latest technologies such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). It offers users to manage internal access with multi-level security permissions and the secondary way to prevent your platform from hackers is to keep your passwords fully confidential.

For extra protection, Magento includes captcha and PCI data security to secure it from the unwanted breaches.

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Smart Search Feature

It helps to increase the user experience by offering a smart search feature to the users. With the smart search feature, users can easily filter the products by searching via alphabetical order as per their preference.

This platform also offers filter tags and auto-suggested advanced search which reduces the efforts of customers and helps to save time.

Handles Multiple Stores with different languages

With Magento, multiple stores can be managed by users. Users can launch their different E-Stores based on multiple languages including Spanish or French as per their preference. Along with this, users are enabled to switch the store by using the default store switch. It doesn’t require any other URL or other accounts with different IDs and passwords to run different stores.

With one platform, they are enabled to switch other stores easily with only one click by excluding other hurdles.

Easy Third-Party Integration

Magento offers an easy third party integration service with API. This feature helps you to increase your online store efficiency and productivity. It automates your store process and offers end to end customer service.

With flexible third-party services, developers can easily turn the solution into high functional. With API, users are enabled to leverage all benefits of technology, which also helps to build trust among users.

Several functions can be integrated with a single link such as payment methods (Paypal, Braintree), the database application, shipping tracking, and Google Analytics or Google Checkout)

SEO Friendly

Effective Search engine optimization is the other requirement of the e-stores. It offers several powerful strategies to rank on several search engines such as Google and Firefox, which helps to bring organic traffic on the platform.

The latest version of Magento that is Magento 2 helps in many ways such as:

  • Remove default store code from URL
  • Helps to Optimize product images
  • Helps to write meta title and meta description for a Product/ Category and Content Pages
  • Remove default store code from URL
  • Speed Up Your Site
  • Build Internal Link Network
  • Generate a Sitemap

Highly Scalable

Magento eCommerce is considered a highly scalable platform as it supports all types of business scales right from small to large enterprises. It offers to start the business on a small scale with limited products as well as offers scalability with a huge collection of the product list for the large enterprises that are also available.


This platform is highly compatible as compared to others. It runs and supports all platforms including major database support such as Big Data and NoSQL. Whereas, Magento2 updated version offers high support with other third party platforms, web and cloud services without any hassle.

High Performance

Magento helps to enhance the performance of the website by reducing the load on the server and increases user interaction. Along with this, the page loading time is faster of Magento as compared to other platforms. It can also add items to the shopping cart without reloading the whole page.


To opt for the Magento E-Commerce platform is a smart decision as it offers several effective benefits such as easy third-party integration, smart search feature, and SEO friendly, which helps to increase business productivity and efficiency.

If you are also planning to bring your Magento based Ecommerce online store with the fully-fledged feature, hire a certified Magento developer.


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