Qualities To Look Out For In A Personal Fitness Trainer

Qualities To Look Out For In A Personal Fitness Trainer

If you need to get fit and are a newbie as far as the world of fitness is concerned, it is better for you to get a fitness trainer rather than going about the task yourself.  Otherwise, you can hurt yourself, thus, bidding adieu to your fitness resolutions. But, given the fact that fitness is a blooming industry, and there are so many people to cater to you, it is quite difficult to get yourself the right trainer. However, you need not worry, here are a few qualities that are desirable in a personal trainer Kensington.

Knowledge and Know-How

While it is true that not great education makes a great doctor, a degree from Harvard is certainly pleasing. After all it is easy to leave your body in hands of someone who has the ‘certified’ expertise to handle it. The job of a trainer includes making his clients adapt, grow and change; and that is exactly what the former should do himself. Hence, he should always keep himself updated with the newest findings in the world of fitness. If a trainer does not grow and learn continuously, his clients will also never. However, that does not mean that he should be ready to experiment with everything that’s making news, be it a latest fitness equipment, technique or a nutritional supplement.

Knows evaluation

A quality instructor should begin with making an evaluation of your current fitness statistics, like your maximum oxygen uptake, blood pressure, posture, body composition, etc. It is on the basis of this that he will set you a program and tell you how long you can take to attain your fitness goals. He should also be aware of risk factors, symptoms and signs that bring a suggestion to visit a doctor.

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Knows programming

Programming comprises several components, cardio endurance, strength training, weight control, sports specificity and flexibility. An adept fitness instructor should be able to adjust the combinations according to your requirements and health goals.

Good communication skills

Here, communication does not mean the quality of the gift of the gab and the slick presentation skills. It is rather the quality of effective listening and critical thinking. Being a fitness trainer means helping someone in his or her journey to achieve health goals. A successful fitness trainer is one who has the ability to understand where a certain client has been, and where does he or she seeks to go. Clients always prefer trainers who are good listeners.


This quality is a key to a healthy client-trainer relationship. A trainer should understand your unique requirements and abilities, and never generalize. He should be able to make himself familiar with your body, so that he can understand your needs.

He should be able to set a comfortable pace for his clients, because one may progress faster and the other may not.

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While a trainer and client rapport should be a healthy one; that does not mean that he will let his clients be frivolous with the training routine. Instead, he should keep a close watch on a client during training sessions, correcting errors, watching for the signs of overexertion and maintaining safety.

Networks with medical professionals

A good personal trainerKensingtonnever works independently to recommend diets, treat sports injuries, supplements or drugs. It is only a physician who is capable of treating an injury, and a good fitness instructor respects the fact.  In fact, reputed instructors always work in association with physicians and dieticians, thus, making a contribution to a diagnosis or treatment plan, but never working all alone.

Look for these qualities when you choose a personal instructor, you will surely not go wrong.


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