Pros and Cons of Private Car Service in London

Pros and Cons of Private Car Service in London

Because of the ease and convenience, the majority of the people often prefer cars driven by chauffeurs rather than hiring a taxi or driving themselves. Whether you want an airport pick-and-drop, car for business trips, meetings, weddings or any other event, it is always better to choose comfort over expense.

You’ll find a number of private car services in London. Cars drove by professional and expert drivers who’ll take care of your comfort and ease. Even though private car services in London have tons of benefits which we’ll discuss below, but there are some cons to the service too. Let’s have a look at both to figure out whether car services in London is a good idea after all.

Pros of Private Car Service in London:

Let’s begin by discussing the benefits first.

Saves time:

One of the biggest benefits of London airport transfer services is that it saves a lot of time. Especially if you want to attend a meeting or an event. Since relying on public transport is not worth it, therefore, it is better to opt for a private service instead.


A personal chauffeur will always respect your privacy. Drivers in a private car service often respect your privacy since they are aware of the significance of business meetings. Therefore, if you want to travel in privacy then a private car service is the right choice.

Journey without any trouble:

Renting a car and driving it all by yourself can often be stressful. Especially if you are attending a family event or a corporate meeting. There are so many things on your mind already and driving a car can be an additional stress. Therefore, for a hassle-free journey, it is always better to go for a private car instead.

Cons of a Private Car Service:

Even though there are a number of advantages of private car service and Heathrow Airport Transfers but everything comes with some drawbacks too. Here are some cons of the private car service which you definitely need to know.


Since a private car is way more sophisticated and luxurious than local cabs and taxis, therefore, they are a bit expensive as well. The cost of hiring a chauffeur can be almost twice as much. This is one apparent reason why people often prefer a local cab instead. Even though private cars are extremely comfortable and provide a hassle-free journey, but the cost is something that often bothers the majority of the people.

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Another con of a private car is that you cannot book your ride last minute. In order to avail the service, you’ll have to pre-book the ride at least one day before. On the other hand, an Uber or a cab is always immediately available whenever you need.

These are some of the pros and cons of private car service. Based on these benefits and disadvantages you can make a decision of taking a taxi or a car.

Taxis are a bit private:

Taxis are more private if you compare taxis with buses and subways. If you go for a taxi that takes individual passengers, you can travel in more privacy. But if you compare the taxi service to private car service, a private car is more private.

Taxis are a cheaper option.

A taxi is a much cheaper option than a private car service. Although a private car service is more comfortable, private car rentals are much more than a taxi. Taxis, on the other hand, are cheaper and are readily available without the need for advance booking.

Therefore, when it comes to a choice between a taxi and any public transport, then the taxi service is most suitable. It has numerous benefits and honestly, whether we compare it to a train, bus or private car service, the taxi service always wins.


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