Popular Instagram Posts Can Increase Brand Value And Sales

Popular Instagram Posts Can Increase Brand Value And Sales

When you want to generate more sales you will need to make a better brand presence and for that, you will need to create a better brand presence. You can do this best when you create popular and appealing Instagram posts that the users will like and want to follow.

You may have heard the common saying that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words!’ You will need to use this power to the fullest so that you get the best advantage of higher ‘customer hooking!’Typically, users, as well as followers, have a specific preference for the image.

  • These images play a significant role in making an impact as these are naturally bio-engineered in the brains.
  • According to scientific research, it is in fact found that more than 90% of all facts and information transmitted to your brain is visual.

Images will create a better and long-lasting impression in your mind which is why it is primarily required to make it most appealing. Choosing the most popular images is the best way to ensure that.

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Instagram Posts Can Increase Brand Value

Avoid hard selling

The visual world of Instagram is ideally the most effective and favored social media platform that most businesses today, major and minor alike. You can post some of the best snaps of your product and that will really increase your sales.

However, at this point, you must remember that you should not consider Instagram as a shopping destination though it is true that this platform is primarily full of shoppers. That means you should make sure that you do not annoy your Instagram followers and take note of the Instagram culture while creating your posts.

  • One of the best practices to follow is to avoid hard selling with the intent to appeal to Instagram’s social culture.
  • Another significant way to proceed is to consider the buyers report as that has the strongest influence on and from the social media when it comes to making a purchase.
  • Also, consider influencers like the social media shared of the friends.

These steps are not just random ones but are strategically designed based on the facts and findings of different researches that points out:

  • A high 38% of people say that they are influenced by the social media presence of a brand and
  • About 35% of users are influenced by retailers on social media.

This means that there is much more potential in your brand to generate more leads and increase the volume of your sales.

The common mistrust of salesman

When you design your Instagram posts, there are a few specific things that you should know right at the outset.

  • Do not however make any prejudice about the 3% difference. When you consider the billions of users engaged in Instagram, this minor difference can come up to a huge number.
  • In addition to that, you must also avoid and pay attention to the universal mistrust of a salesman of a used car.

Since visuals will promote your products in a much better way without you having to yell about its features, greatness and unique features, it will allow the viewers to make a better decision on their own. They will not feel the pressure from your side to sell the product and at the same time, it will remove the dreaded salesman approach from the equation.

  • Therefore, it means that you will need to make sure that you walk between the lines to exercise your influence about the product and being too pushy to make a sale.
  • It also means that you must be as creative as possible while designing, selecting and posting your product photos.

If you find it too much for you, then you can take help from professionals such as Gramista or any other who is equally good.

Enhancing the power of your product photos

In order to make your product photos more powerful to generate more leads and sales, you will need to promote it more aggressively. You will need to be creative by making your photos look most professional, unique and appealing.

In Instagram visual platform, the power of the photos has always been vital for online shopping. It will take your online marketing efforts to the next level making your strategy successful. Since more than 67% of all consumers consider that images that are creative and detailed are more valuable to them.

This helps them to make their purchase decision much quicker as most of the product information has reveled through the images. In fact, to them, images are more significant and valuable than the product ratings from other customers.

This means you will need to make sure that you do not damage your bottom line by posting product description after the photo. This will make it look more like pushing for sales and none of the Instagram followers like any straight sales pitches.

The personality factor

Since the Instagram platform is a wide and extensive social marketplace that directs users to your site and turns them to your prospective clients, it is extremely vital that you make the posts the most attention-grabbing and full of personality. For this you will have to:

  • Consider that your brand awareness and presence to establish a better relationship and a strong culture among the followers
  • Show off the aesthetics of your brand while flaunting your products by adding variety to it
  • Choose pictures that will tell a story and show the behind the scenes activities
  • Size the photos for a professional look and making it high quality
  • Avoid awkward cropping or using blurred images that will lose at the professionalism points and
  • Consider the fact that Instagramautomatically formats your images to a square within a 612 x 612 pixels frame.

Last but not least, use your judgment and eyes to find out the best picture to post. You can play with colors, change the patterns and make it brighter. Choose only the best lifestyle photos. This will ensure that your image is unique and artistic that will generate 24% more likes and eventual sales.

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