Phone Repairs: What You Should Pay For Vs. What You Shouldn’t

Phone Repairs

Before you go forward and chase a shop for iPhone repair in San Francisco, it’s important to know whether your investment is worth it or not. Not every problem of your phone can be fixed, or for that matter, should be fixed. It can be confusing to understand whether the investments you make are worth it or not and to avoid being lost in a state of confusion, it’s better to know about the truly important repairs.


The Repairs You Should Pay For

  1. Water Damage: Although a phone that suffers from water damage has a 50% survival rate, it can’t hurt to take a chance while you still can. Before you rush to the store, however, make sure to dry out the phone completely and then try your chances with switching it on. If it doesn’t, you know what to do. 
  2. Screen Repair: As one of the most common reasons that individuals tend to approach a shop for iPhone repair in Daly City, a screen repair is a fix that cannot be experimented with. Screen damage can lead your phone to be left in a state where it’s as good as useless and even though you might be tempted to try a DIY repair, this is no time to experiment. Choosing to repair your phone’s screen yourself could leave you to be in a situation where your phone’s functionality  is much worse than it was before. To avoid this, choose to stay on the safer side and approach a repair shop near you. iPhone repairing is a shop situated in Daly city and can help you get your phone fixed in a matter of minutes. With some of the best prices in the market, they put the needs of their customers above all else, making them one of the best repair shops available in the city. 
  3. Battery Repair: If your phone’s not charging up as it should, you should get it checked at a repair shop. Since battery replacements are close to impossible to do yourself since they’re practically glued down in your phone’s machinery, you might end up damaging your phone to an extent where it can’t be fixed if you don’t approach a repair shop. Be smart and choose to go to a repair shop. 

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The Repairs You Shouldn’t Pay For

  1. Fuzzy Sound: If you’ve noticed a problem with the sound in your mobile phone (either the sound is too soft or it’s complemented by a consistent white noise), then you needn’t worry too much since it can be fixed easily within the comfort of your home. All you need to do is run over a blast of compressed air over the iPhone headphone jack area or clean it up with the help of a q-tip. If you’re worried about this much cleaning not being enough, you can choose to use a high alcohol content cleaner with the q-tip to get rid of all the possible dust and debris that might have collected. 
  2. Phone’s Not Switching On: If your phone suddenly shuts down and refuses to switch back on, there’s no need to panic, you can probably fix it yourself. A common reason why this might happen is because of a minor problem in the battery or even a glitch that might have occurred in your phone. To get your phone back on track, you simply need to boot it into recovery mode to reset it. Each phone has its list of specifications to get into recovery mode and you can know this with the help of a simple Google search. 

With technology on the rise, it’s important to make sure we don’t fall behind. The first step is knowing when you need a service and when you don’t. Understanding this could make your life easier and more economical, all at once!


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