Moving Out On My Own Was Well Supported By No Guarantor Loans


Being the only child of my parents, I, Oliver Smith, always lived a pampered life in Bristol, UK. Nothing complicated or difficult on financial matters came to my knowledge.

But since last one year, I am in a completely different situation. After my admission in University of Cambridge, I realized that this is the time to grow up. If I really want to live my life on my own terms, I have to stand on my own.

The new chapter

I moved out from my house to live a self-dependent life. The challenge was always big as I was aware that now I am a person not with a regular back up of money.

This is the time when I have to learn managing expenses and obligations on my own. I came to Cambridge where a huge lot of challenges, especially financial, welcomed me and left me stunned.

I had to find a room on rent, hostel option was there but as I said, the thirst of self-dependence that was getting intense made me inclined for taking a  room on rent.

Besides, to manage the finances, it was necessary to do job and restrictions of time in a hostel were not good for that.

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I finally took a room and on the first night sat on the bed to think on how to organised the whole lot of expenses.

  • Rent
  • Tuition fee
  • Examination fee
  • Transport
  • Water and energy
  • Food shopping
  • Weekend fun (why not)
  • Clothing
  • Interest and hobbies
  • Personal care
  • Holiday and flights
  • Bank charges and fees
  • Miscellaneous

The list is tiring but reality is this that as long as I am here, I have to handle it all. Yes, there were small backings initially due to concern of my parents for my well-being.

However, now I am fully self-reliant, but this self-reliance was never easy to achieve.

In extreme need of a support

Financial crisis was my first companion here, gradually I got a control on that but not without a support. As I was always in a desperate need for an additional support, I decided to borrow funds.

By that time, I was not much familiar with the lending methods and policies but a friend of mine told me about online lending.

Found a smart solution

I explored on internet and found many short-term loan choices; finally, I made a choice and applied for no guarantor loans. Beyond my expectations, this loan product became a great support for my finances.

I was afraid most about the lender, as I didn’t want to get trapped in some fake deal or face stringent lending policies.

But, it was nothing like that, my lender named The Easy Loans, gave me only surprises. It gave me funds with multiple features.

For instance – I borrowed the desired amount despite the limited income from my part-time job. There was no upfront fee, no hidden charges, customisation too played its role to calm down the interest rates.

Best part is – instant approval decision and timely fund disbursement. In short, I got the deal in my favor.

This made me trust on this lender so much that even today whenever I need urgent funds, ‘The Easy Loans’ is the only choice for me.

In fact, I suggest to many of my friends to take loan from this lender as they are sure to get good borrowing experience.

Finally on my own

It is due to the guarantor-free funding that now I am completely self-dependent. I know that whenever I need a support I will get it for sure.

The repayments are so affordable that they do not even parallel the part of my income that I spend on weekend parties.

Wow!! This is a perfect experience and I am confident that as long as I am here to complete my education, I do not need to worry about money mess.

 Now I enjoy life more and my parents too feel proud, they are happy with the way I am managing my funds.

They often offer me their help but every time I tell them with grace that I am big boy now and the world is yet to see my better version.Credit for this conviction of mine goes to the flexible lending policies of my favorite lender.

When you have to manage everything single-handed, a last minute rescue plan should always be ready. I have my plan in loans without guarantor and I am free from all financial worries.

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