Low Investment Business Ideas you can start for High Profit

low investment business ideas you can start for high profit

With recent City Mayors Foundation survey finding Ghaziabad to be the second fastest-growing city in the world, there are innumerable business ideas which can flourish in Ghaziabad.

As a city on growth with rising real estate value, Ghaziabad in its growing dimensions requires every type of products and services to cater to the incoming and bulging populace.

Often known as the gateway to Uttar Pradesh, this conjoined city to Delhi had a population that almost reached 2.5 Million in 2011 and with its rate of growth, numerous business ventures have become crucial to cater to the varied requirements of the city’s workforce.

Crucially, numerous convenient schemes in business loan in Ghaziabad also ensure that budding entrepreneurs can realise their dream without financial restraint holding them back.

There are numerous business ideas which can be explored to success with easy business loans in Ghaziabad, some of which are discussed underneath.

  • Travel agency: Ghaziabad being the entrance to UP on one hand and adjacent to Delhi on the other, there are numerous travel tours which can be organised. Ranging from Delhi to Agra and even longer trips higher up in Himachal or westward to Rajasthan, travel agency start-ups can flourish in Ghaziabad.
  • Cell phone, laptop, accessories and recharge shop: With more than 93% of Ghaziabad’s populace being educated, business ventures catering to the tech-savvy customers can start off with ease and consistent demand. With the ease in business loan document requirements, the financial requirements of such ventures can be met easily too.
  • Breakfast joints cum cafes: Ghaziabad is becoming cosmopolitan over time and resultantly more individuals are developing tastes for offbeat eateries like breakfast joints and cafes. Entrepreneurs can easily set up such eateries with business loans; while lookup detailed measures to give their restaurant a competitive edge to flourish.
  • Tuition centres: High literacy rate of Ghaziabad ensures a steady demand for good tuition teachers. A prospective business venture can be to open a coaching centre which brings together different tutors of varied subjects under one roof, ensuring convenience for the students.
  • Garment tailoring: With slow evolution of Ghaziabad populace into a cosmopolitan crowd along with incoming working individuals, the city has developed a taste in fashion. Consequently, business loan in Ghaziabad to establish a garment tailoring business venture can be sure to reap profit over the years. Entrepreneurs, however, should select their target group in advance during the business research.
  • Bakeries: Much like developing a taste for cafes, Ghaziabad populace is opening up to the platoon of desserts that are offered by bakeries. With this new taste leading them beyond conventional choices of sweet-meats, bakeries can be extremely prospective.
  • Event organisation and wedding consultation: With bulging population and rising tastes, event organisation and wedding consultation agencies can pull in a lot of revenue in such ventures. However, it is crucial to research in detail on how to build a business brand over time, to be successful in this business venture.
  • Bookstalls: The high literacy rate of Ghaziabad stands as an attestation to the fact that there are numerous takers of books in this city. Consequently, setting up a bookstall can be a running as well as a very profitable business opportunity. With loans requiring very few business loan documents, this can be a very aesthetically sound venture that can be set up conveniently.

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While choosing a loan scheme, customers should look into a few specific features like high loan amounts, online transaction options, convenient interest rates, easy application, etc.

typically, these loans get approved within 24 hours. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv even bring you pre-approved offers that make availing business loans quick and easy.

With convenient loan options, numerous other business ventures can also be explored by interested entrepreneurs. The above constitutes ventures which are most readily conducive to opt for with a business loan. These ideas are not just easy to start with but also require a short duration to flourish.

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