Liver Cancer Early Signs And Symptoms You Should Know

Liver Cancer Early Signs And Symptoms You Should Know

Liver Cancer Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

Liver cancer begins in the liver cells. The liver is sited on the upper right portion of the abdomen that is beneath the diaphragm and above the stomach.

Various types of cancers form in the liver, but the most common type of liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatocellular carcinoma begins in the primary type of liver cell that is hepatocyte. Other kinds of liver cancers such as hepatoblastoma,

intrahepatic and cholangiocarcinoma are less common. Cancer that spreads to live is more common than those which begin in the liver cells.

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer which starts in other areas of the body such as lungs, breast and colon spreads to the liver and is known as metastatic cancer rather than liver cancer.

This type of cancer is not called liver cancer but is named after the organ where it started.

Symptoms of liver cancer:

Symptoms of liver cancer

In most cases, people don’t show early signs in the primary stages but as the cancer advances following symptoms of Liver cancer are shown:

  • Pain in the upper adnominal
  • Loss of appetite
  • Continuous weight loss without even trying
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Swelling in the abdominal
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Stools have the whitish and chalky flakes
  • There is yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes become whitish; this situation is often called jaundice.

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Causes of liver cancer:

Liver cancer happens because of the liver cells that develop changes or mutations in their DNA. DNA is the material that provides that gives instructions to every chemical process in the body.

Causes of liver cancer

Variation in DNA can cause changes in all of these instructions and can cause the cells to grow out of control, and these accumulated cells are called a tumor.

In some cases, the cause of liver cancer is blamed for being chronic hepatitis infection, or sometimes it happens in some people without any underlying diseases, and the reason behind it is not specified.

Diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer:

If you have symptoms mentioned above, then you must visit a cancer specialist in Delhi. They will carry out the following procedures to diagnose liver cancer.

  • Imaging tests: doctors may carry out ultrasound, CT or MRI to detect liver cancer.
  • Blood tests: doctors may recommend blood tests to detect the abnormalities in the functioning of the liver.
  • Testing the liver tissue: a sample test may be carried out by removing the sample of liver tissue, and testing may be done in the laboratory to diagnosis cancer.

After the liver cancer is determined following treatments are done depending upon the type of cancer. There are different and effective liver cancer treatments in India:

    • Surgery: surgery is carried out to remove the tumor, this is done when a part of the liver is healthy, but if the whole organ is affected then a liver transplant surgery is carried out.
    •  Radiation therapy: in this treatment high powered energy is used to destroy cancerous cells or to shrink the tumor.
    • Immunotherapy: immunotherapy enhances your immune system to fight cancer.

According to the cancer hospital in Delhi, the signs and symptoms of liver cancer shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked by you as liver cancer is a major disease. The exact cause of liver cancer is unknown.

However, most of the cases of this problem are mainly linked to the scarring of the liver which is also known as cirrhosis. Liver cancer treatment in India can only be done after coining out the signs and symptoms of cancer.


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