Link Building: 5 Strategies For More Backlinks

Link Building 5 Strategies For More Backlinks

A constant of the search engine optimization remains despite all algorithm update the subject area “Linkbuilding “.

Those who can come up with many backlinks increase their chances of getting better positions in search engines. The only question is: how do you get backlinks? We give five tips that can help.

It is well known that links play an important role in the ranking of the sites. The question that is frequently discussed in the industry is:

Which links are good? Which links have the necessary quality to reach the ranking? Here are 5 link building strategies that really work.

Link Building Strategies To Generate More Backlink

#Use expert knowledge

We know how difficult it is to keep delivering new content. So use what others produce. More specifically, focus on the “thought leaders” of your industry.

Think ahead to an interesting topic that will engage your industry and to which there are controversial opinions.

Write two or three questions and ask selected experts for comment. You will not always get an answer from the top experts, but maybe you’ll be luckier with representatives of the “second-tier”. They will generally appreciate the request – and link to the answer to your page.

#Get involved in roundups

Many bloggers summarize the best posts of the week or month. Often, these roundups are provided with brief descriptions. Being represented in these roundups with your own content often causes a lot of traffic.

So if you know such bloggers, you can contact them and politely ask to place your own links in such a post. Of course, this does not always work. The blogger finally decides which links to include in his roundup. Good and important content increases the chance of a backlink.

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#Fill gaps

On many pages, there are links to other pages. It can sometimes happen that these links are dead or lead to obsolete content.

Here it is advisable to contact the webmaster and make him aware of the link in question. In the best case, you will then have a link to your own (suitable) content in the hindquarters, which can serve as a substitute.

#Use rich media content

Increase the value of your content by incorporating rich-media content. Text articles should be enriched with infographics, podcasts or videos.

Also good are mixed media posts that contain multiple content forms. The posts are – with high quality – more attractive, can lead to more shares, more clicks and in the sequel to more links. It is important to arrange such posts well so that users can easily search for relevant content.

#Get involved in forums

Sure, as a guest blogger, you are on your own page and your own content attentive. But this also works with forums. You should make sure that you are active in forums, which are also used by your target group.

It is important to make sure that the forum does not automatically set the specified links to “nofollow”. A tool such as  SEOquake can be used to check if links are set to “no follow” or not.

Before entering a link in a forum, you should be a little involved in the discussions (which increases the “credibility”) and also make sure that the placement of the link is allowed and fits the respective forum post.

Follow Above foolproof link building strategies and you’ll be on your way to building a successful website or blog that your users and Google will love.

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