Le Chocolat des Français success on Instagram

Le Chocolat des Français

Le Chocolat des Francais, meaning ‘the chocolate of the French’, has newly stepped into the chocolate industry disrupting the traditional chocolate market.

The co-founders of the new chocolate say they are doing things in a different way. According to Vincent Muraire, MatthieuEscande and Paul-Henri Masson , the co-founders of the Le Chocolat des Francais, they came up with a product that was quite novel in nature.

They wanted to break the custom, the traditional ways of doing things in order to disrupt the customary market of chocolate.

The founders of Le Chocolat des Francais are huge chocolate lovers. They say, “we have always been very passionate about chocolate.”

All three of them have a background in famous French art schools and creative companies. They felt shame in observing the traditional methods being used in the industry.

Le Chocolat des Français Chocolate

Initially, they came up with a chocolate bar that was dark and white called “noir etblanc”. They focused on its taste and crafting.

The chocolate combines all the current trends in food such as being free from GM and palm oil, and being organic in nature.

The new chocolate called Le Chocolat des Francais is for food-loving people having an artistic mind. This is because each bar of this chocolate is linked to an artist who has given bespoke art.

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Also, the signature of the artist lies underside of the chocolate bar that looks much like a painting. After new flavor have been designed, the artists were asked to collaborate by the founders of the new chocolate.

Famous persons like Marie Assenat, Jean Andre, Jean Julien, and Edith Carron worked with them. The founders say, “We find artists to work with where we have a “coup de coeur” (literally “love at first sight”).

It is subjective, close to our artistic tastes and where their artwork is traditionally very striking and colourful.”

The wrappers of the chocolate are highly personalized with individual messages and colors such as “love you”, “forget me”, “marry me”, etc. giving a new excitement to the chocolate-lovers. Instagram, one of the most used social apps, have been a great source for the success of the novel chocolate.

It has received 85,000 followers on Instagram. The amount of followers imply huge success of the founders as well as the chocolate they created.

The app is a great path of marketing your business or brand, but the success of any brand also depends on how the brand presents itself and how the retailers sell it.

The chocolate’s shop has been designed like a workshop of any artist or a stylish corner of any department that sells colorful cellphone cases.

Le Chocolat des Francais is looking forward to become the “go to” brand of chocolate. Currently, many areas are being focused on such as the online sales, in retail, and in wholesale.

Colorful and artistic sense of the new chocolate has made its way to the path of success not only on Instagram, but will become one of the most loved chocolates all over the world.

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