7 Greater Ideas To Feel Kid’s Extra Special On Their Birthday

7 Greater Ideas To Feel Kid's Extra Special On Their Birthday

Kids love to celebrate birthdays. It is the most exciting affair of their life to preserve the memories of childhood.

Parents also make their best efforts to pull more fun into it. Here we give some funny and cute ideas of how to make your kid’s birthday extra special.

Follow some simple tricks and build some excitement for the day. Give a special treatment to a child to see why they are the special kids of this earth.

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7 Best Ideas To Feel Kid’s Extra Special

  • Affirmation Yard Attack

As soon as kid enters in the yard, he/she sees the beautiful birthday banners are placed in the yard. You can take help of kid friends and some family members to write beautiful notes on the card stock.

Give a hold of a stick to those banners and fix it to the yard. Kid gets the best surprise on a birthday. The card stocks are attacked by motivational messages. It is a fun way to make your kid happy and smile throughout the day.

  • Candy In Balloon

Give your kid a cute surprise by filling candy in a balloon. Hide some candies in a big balloon and then tell your kid to pop it.

Suddenly your kid will be showered with lots of candies. Here you need a big latex balloon to pop. Hide his/her favorite candies so they can enjoy eating it afterward.

  • Age Age EveryWhere

Your kid is more excited to see his/her age number. Reveal his/her growing age number in every space for example in a bathroom mirror, on a lunch box, in breakfast, in wardrobe.

This gives them more pleasure to see his/her growing age in every space. Personalize the balloons decoration in number or use number balloon to show the number age. Also, customize the cake in number shape and use the specific number of candles to decorate on the cake.

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  • Build excitement with a Count Down

Plan to build their excitement with following a countdown scheme. Like, use a chalkboard to say “2 days s to go for one’s birthday”.

It builds curiosity in them and it helps them to prepare for a celebration. It makes them happy before the birthday time and the end day they will look happier than regular days.

  • Wrap each food item in their lunchbox

As we say you can build the curiosity by wrapping each food item in the birthday scheme. Like, use tomato sauce or jam to write happy birthday wish on bread. Also, hang a happy birthday tag on bag to see it’s your prince/princess birthday.

Hide one small happy birthday balloon in a lunch bag. There are so many things you can do to make your kid happy around the birthday time.

  • Put Water Balloons in their bath

Give a special bath to your kid by putting water balloons in a bath. The kid loves to take a bath at any time of the day. Make their bathing experience enjoyable and fun-filled by using water balloons.

Use different color balloons. Your kid gets the delighting surprise and for sure he/she will not ready to come out from that balloons bath.

Use different color balloons. Your kid gets the delighting surprise and for sure he/she will not ready to come out from that balloons bath.

  • Use the special “Celebration Plate

Offer your kid a special plate to give them a royal treatment. Customize the plate with a happy birthday message or you can use to print their favorite cartoon character on it.

Offer them their favorite food to eat in this personalized plate specially made for them. it is a good trick to encourage your kid for eating healthy food.

Parents don’t get stressed for birthday decoration, order birthday balloons online to apply a “wow” decoration in your kid’s birthday bash.

Kids are obsessed with celebrating birthdays or going into birthday parties. Parents’ involvement is necessary here. Parents want to celebrate it uniquely to cherish the moment for long life.

Their wish is to create a lasting memory so kids can enjoy it when they grow up. The tips and tricks are definitely going to help you to see how their birthday matters a lot in their life.

You will find the utmost happiness on their faces when you will build such excitement series for them. So go for it and let your kid enjoy the biggest day of life with all heart.


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