Industrial Applications Of Corona Treatment

Industrial Applications Of Corona Treatment

Have you ever heard about air plasma? This is the treatment where a surface modification technique which uses a low-temperature corona discharge plasma to impart changes in the properties of a surface. This method is also known as corona treatment.

In other words, corona treatment is the process that is used in extrusion and converting industries. Corona treater electrodes, silicone sleeve for roll coverings, and power supplies can all be optimized to meet the challenges of printing, coating, laminating, blown film, and cast film applications. 

Here are some industrial applications where corona treatment is used to promote adhesion. 

Corona Treatment for Extruded Film

Cast and film extruding applications are best served with a covered roll surface treater. In this method, two types of covered roll systems are used for extruding applications. This roll surface is covered with a silicone sleeve that can only treat non-conductive materials. So, it is highly recommended to ask experts to determine the best system for your application. 

These systems rely on mental electrodes and dielectric covered rolls and can be configured for treatment over the entire length of the web or for lane or pattern treatment. 

Improves Lamination Adhesion with Surface Treating

The use of a single ply of a material does not provide all of the critical properties required for the optimal performance of a product for many industrial applications. In such cases, a composite of two or more layers of material can provide this kind of performance. Another method of creating such a composite is to laminate various materials to each other with adhesive. This solution is commonly used in the packaging industry where the end products require more than one functional properties such as high tensile strength. 

While the laminate construction can become complex due to the characteristic of the specific application. Although, laminating adhesives are available in a variety of technologies, viscosities, and solid concentrations. The main objective of these adhesives is to maximize peel strength. Laminating adhesives can be classified as follows:

  • Solvent-based 
  • Solventless
  • Water-based
  • Radiation curable
  • Combination radiation-curable

Moreover, surface treating solutions such as corona treaters, atmospheric plasma systems, and flame treaters are often used to improve lamination adhesion. 

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Coating Adhesion for Films with Corona, Flame, and Plasma

In order to successfully apply a high quality, continuous web coating, it requires an advanced and versatile technology that can effectively meet the varied needs for films. In such cases, surface treatment plays an important role because the properties of the substrate are critical to ensure good coating quality and product performance. Moreover, the surface needs to be uniform wetted and free of contamination to give a uniform wet coating. Also, the coating solution should adhere strongly to the substrate. 

Improves Ink Printing Adhesion with Surface Treating

Optimizing printing adhesion can be difficult because of the many processes that require control. There are 6 types of printing/decorating processes that are distinguished by the method in which ink and an image are transferred to material and by the method by which the ink and image are conveyed for adhesion to a substrate. Almost every surface requires preparation to establish minimum adhesion. This is known as pretreatment and post-treatment and is influenced by the base material surface receptivity of the ink layer.

Converting Film with Corona Treatment

The benefit of controlling substrate surface energy with corona, plasma, and flame surface treaters are recognized by the converters. While the flexible packaging converters and label printers know that almost all films have nonporous surfaces with inherently low surface energy. These films should be treated while extrusion and also require in-line treatment at the time of conversion. 

To treat these films, corona treaters are the most popular form of surface treatment method for converting applications. If you want to treat these films using corona treaters then you should contact

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