Incredible Facts About Limousines That You Might Have Not Heard Of

Facts About Limousines

Have you ever seen a long and stretch vehicle on the road or on the streets that look exactly like your sedan? That’s called limousine. Limos are specially created for the class and luxury. They are usually used for elegant events, senior proms, and weddings. 

If you are in search of a limo for your wedding then contact Empire Limousine as they are a limo service provider in Short Hills. However, there are many more things to know about limos than use it. Here are some interesting facts about the limousine that you might have not heard of.

French Origins

No one knows how the word “limousine” came to use but it is believed that it may be devised from the word “limousin” (a province in France). Limousin was named for the protective hood worn by shepherds in the France region. However, early automobile drivers used a similar hood to protect them from the rudiments. Later, the word is meant to integrity the region. 

Apart from the word limousine, “chauffeur”limo drive title is also derived from French. Chauffeur means stoker in French. Early limousines were based on the steam-powered engines where one required the “stalker” to stoke engine. 

Big Band Buses

During the era of swing music, people first got familiar with the stretch limousines. Big bands used to transport their musicians and instruments in limos. In this way, early limousines were nicknamed “big band buses” which were only carried out by some big bands. 

Much Relaxed Ride

Limo services were among the first vehicle which was packed with the air conditioning. However, the first original air conditioners were wastage and expensive as well. So, in 1933, luxury car companies in New York City offered them the first installation of air conditioning. 

Wide Array of Option to Choose from 

At first, limos were not referred to as a specific type of car that shared positive characteristics. These characteristics were totally based on size and the privacy presence partition between the driver and passengers. As time flew, limousines get separated into two categories: traditional and exotic. 

Traditional limos were classified as town cars and exotic limousines are tacky, custom-made, and offered luxurious features. 

Equipped with Luxury Features

Did you know that the longest limousine in the world was 100 feet long!? It was built by Jay Ohrberg in 1997 in California and features 26 wheels, driver’s compartment in front as well as back. It was also packed with some out of the box luxuries like a swimming pool and a diving board, satellite dish, king-sized bed, sun deck, two fax machines, and a helipad! 

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Earlier, the compartments of the first automobile limousines totally resembled with the hoods of the shepherds in Limousin used to wear. On the other hand, a limousine is one of those vehicles which have a separate compartment for the people who drive the car. 

Capacity of Passengers

You might not know the basic difference between a stretch limo and a super stretch is the capacity of vehicles that it can hold and not the car’s structure. A stretch limo can fit up to 10 passengers while a super stretch can fit up to 20 people!

Built for Luxurious

SUV limos were manufactured to satisfy the needs of the clients that wanted to enjoy the amenities and luxuries. Still today, people hire limos for luxury traveling. In fact, limo is the most popular mode of transport amongst executives for airport transfers. You can hire a limo by contacting the best car service provider to EWR airport.

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