Important Reasons to Secure Your Medical Website with SSL Certificate

Why SSL is Important For Medical Website

Every relationship is based on trust and reliability. It is very important to have trust and faith mutually for relationships or a bond to nurture.

Here we are talking about the relationship between two organisations or companies, but in the context of the online world.

Let’s get into the discussion: have you heard about SSL certificates or do you know how to secure the website from malicious activities and hacking attacks.

The possibility of getting the right answer to these two questions is high because we all know today that SSL certificate is a mandate for securing your data online and encrypt all the transmission of data done between the browser and the website.

SSL certificates secure all types and kinds of websites, but what if you are having a medical website. Why we are focusing on medical websites is because this article will talk about this further – as in, why it is important to secure your medical website with SSL certificates and which SSL certificate is the best for you.

Before moving ahead, let’s quickly understand what is an SSL certificate.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a digital certificate that is bind by digital keys (private and public ) which then control the intruders coming on to your website, in turn, securing the website from hacking and cybercrimes.

SSL certificates when installed give site seal and a lock sign in the address bar which ensure strong encryption of the data.

It is very important for a lot of businesses (big or small or medium-sized) but essentially these certificates are a mandate for the medical website, online shopping, it solutions website, banking institutions, and even the social media sites should use SSL certificate.

Owing to the increase in the cybercrimes and hacking attacks, there has been an increase in the healthcare solutions and the organizations are continuously facing challenges and combating these issues with utmost care.

Here, the SSL certificate comes as a rescue. These days, the doctor’s website is considered to be a very heavy website as it involves – payment of the bills, taking appointments, medical information, checking the results and much more.

Thus securing the patients’ data and other critical information becomes important. SO, you must choose to have an SSL certificate you must establish a secure system featuring SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that encrypts patient data and ensures privacy.

Let’s see some important reasons why medical websites should use an SSL certificate and which one is the best.

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Get a good check of the HIPAA Compliance for your medical website

The most important element of the medical website is the Contact Us form. And also, there are many other important forms that patients use to make an appointment or put up their case online, etc.

For all this type, the sign-in forms, or log-in forms, or registration forms or and contact forms are used, which need to be secured.

How to start – it is seen that there are options where the patients can put up their comments and reasons for taking an appointment including the symptoms and their concerns of a potential illness.

Here, HIPAA considers that these texts should be protected under “Protected Health Information (PHI)”. It is crucial to protect the information and hold rigid privacy and security standards.

This takes us to the compliance of HIPAA compliance for your website security with full encryption and authenticated SSL certificate. Why SSL?

As discussed above, it encrypts the data that is transmitted via the internet and your browser. Moreover, the server is also authenticated so that you get full security and protection from hackers.

What will happen if there is no compliance with HIPAA, it can result in offensive behavior and you may have to face the penalties.

Build Patient Trust

The medical website is majorly about patients and their solutions; thus, the Medical website cannot compromise on patients’ information to be leaked.

It is seen in the recent past that the medical industry has faced security breach issues on a very high level.

Due to this, the patients are reluctant to trust the doctors and their websites. In these scenarios, it is prudent to active action for security and gets the SSL certification to regain the trust levels back.

The above-mentioned points are important because the modern patients are tech savvy and know how to catch the unsecured points of your medical websites.

Thus installing SSL certificate to your websites, it a wise option for safe and secure transmission of the website data.

Boosting Website Conversions is also important

Your medical website shall have a good SEO that will help in increasing the rankings on the search genies, which is then, give you good conversions.

A website plays a crucial role in the hospital or for the doctors, it is also important to safeguard the data on it.

Many medical professionals develop a medical website in order to get new patients, in this case, if the website is not protected and cannot fetch a good amount of traffic and then the conversions will be affected.

In order to make the most of your ROI and attract more visitors and increase office visits, get your website secured by the green padlock.

Enhance PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a yet another crucial factor for medical websites, and this is because there are many products that are sold on these websites.

If your websites are not secured, then the patient can go to the competitors and your business sales are likely to shrink.

Considering this as a high-melting point for your sales, The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) offers you guidelines to handle and manage all the credit card details and transactions such as – MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Using SSL certificates is a part of the mandate the PCI-DSS on the e-commerce sites.

SSL helps to amplify the Google Ratings

Google is considered to be on the top chart of the search engines and any website getting a good rank on it, is assumed to be great and safe to work.

This is because the top priority of the Google is to protect its user’s from malicious activities and hacking attacks. Thus, it accepts the best practices of securing the data and the privacy of its users.

In fact, recently Google has announced that now it will flag the websites which are not protected with SSL certificate or are not using HTTPS feature.

This is because of the increasing cybercrime on the web. In order to obey this announcement, the websites started installing SSL certificate so that their patient data is secure and protected.

What is the need of all this – when your website is protected with SSL certificate it will generate trust, and ultimately will increase the rankings on the search engines.

A sound and protected medical website will show a good boost in SEO rankings.

Now when you know why securing your medical website with SSL certificate is important, let us also know which SSL certificate will be the best fit for the same.

GeoTrust is one of the best SSL certificate providers that offers the best service and finest quality. The GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV SSL certificate is considered to be a brilliant solution for the medical websites and of course, for other as well, that usually involves a lot of online transactions, buying, filling forms etc.

With GeoTrust TBID EV SSL the website gets the power of a green address bar, padlock sign, site seal, and strong encryption… What else a medical website needs in order to be reliable in front of its patients.

GeoTrust TBID EV SSL is the best solution as it is the most affordable and never compromises on the customer’s security.

GeoTrust is the most respected names in the list of SSL certificate solution providers as it boasts high-end 256-bit encryption. GeoTrust SSL is used for many industries, such as pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, laboratories, players and processors.


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